I’ll give you my food rules, but I am really interested to see what yours are:

Alcohol. Because I am an adult and can legally drink alcohol, I do! More or less depending on my mood or if I want a treat, but every time I stop drinking alcohol (and start feeling better in my body), I restart after 3 months or so, because I feel I deserve it, and because I can. Ugh. Awareness is step one though, right?

Cake. I am typically able to pass up cake and any kind of dessert with ease, but wedding cake? Wedding cake gets me every time! Haha! Glad I don’t officiate weddings anymore (nor have I attended any weddings in several years).

Wedding cake

Christmas cookies. I used to love the chocolate and paraffin covered peanut butter balls my aunt Gela made at Christmas, as well as the potato candy that my dad made. And then, my grandmother’s banana walnut cake with chocolate icing, and my mom’s fudge. 

I have learned to let go of a lot of Christmas cookies, and other delightful confections, but I do order french chocolate truffles (and some years my daughter mails us her homemade truffles), so we indulge in those during cold holiday evenings.

I do love a fruit cake if it’s soaked in whiskey or rum, because it reminds me of my mom. And chocolate flourless cake is my favorite (even instead of cheesecake)! If we are out for dinner somewhere they offer chocolate flourless cake, I get it. Thankfully, not many places have it on their menu. I get it, on average, once a year.

Chips and dip. I have beat this habit, but if I buy potato chips, I must also buy sour cream and onion dip. Thank God Mister Bee potato chips changed their formula. I didn’t even think about buying those while we were visiting West Virginia last week.

Water. I have no rules around water, but have been trying to drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day. I think I could use a good rule around water. I have let go of soda (20 years ago), and recently began drinking more herbal teas. I love Sipology teas.

What rules around food do you have?

9 thoughts on “What are your food rules?

  1. I have one food rule: never put anything unhealthy in my mouth. Now it is up to me to discover the healthiest food currently available. For my wife and I it is 100% plant based. I do give myself leeway on the holidays when the deserts come out, but the rest of the meals we find there is plenty to eat without all the meat and dairy products. I do have a sweet tooth and a few teeth left to prove it. All year I eat fruit, fresh and dried, except for the holidays. The sugar hangover is a great reminder why these products are not our staple diet. Have you ever wondered why we feel its a “treat” to eat poisonous food????? Weird. We are in our 70’s now and have never felt better. I’m not on any Rx the wife is taking her hormones but that is all. I’ve been a vegan on and off since 1972 and Rondii converted after watching “The game changers” on Netflix “Forks over Knives” on Amazon is another great one. Stay healthy, I appreciate your blogs.

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    1. That’s aWEsOMe, David! Kudos to you and your wife on doing so many healthful things, learning, and eating the way you do! I adore the vegan diet, but for me, I was missing the smell of food cooking (and a few nutients only animals provide). I still very much recommend a raw vegan diet if one has a chronic health issue to resolve. I definitely hear you about the whole “it’s not a treat to eat poisonous (toxic) food products. I love what Eric Edmeades says about that, “treat yourself well”!


      1. There are wonderful smells coming from our kitchen everyday and the nutrients that may be lacking are easily provided in pill form. Vitamin D is the only one. and my D levels are above normal.

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  2. 💜 A Boy Died from Water Toxicity EveryOne; look it up EveryBody it’s an interesting article

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulSis 🙏🏿 🤗 ☺️ 😊 🙌 😀 🙏🏿 ; it’s kinda weird that We Can Die from drinking too much pure, salt free water 💧 as well as drinking salt 🧂 water 💧 😀 😄 😉 😜 😊 💧I Guess it’s a question of managing “water”💧 intake


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  3. I gave up sugar about twenty years ago when I discovered I had osteoarthritis in my 40’s. I was horrified, but taking the advice of a book a friend gave me, I cut out the refined sugar, and within less than two days I was walking pain-free! So, while it was a little tantalizing just now to read about Christmas cookies, wedding cake, etc., I am so out of the habit of eating sugar that I scarcely think about it most of the time.

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry to even mention the cakes and such, it was an old post that I moved from my “review” site (Being Wholly Vibrant), over to this one. Isn’t it amazing how much better one feels when they can cut all the sugar?!? I only recently gave up sugar and was surprised to still find it in a few things where I hadn’t known the other names for it in food products. Ugh!
      Great for you on being pain-free!!

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