10 thoughts on “He is better off

  1. 💜 I Often Write ✍️ that 🔮 The Only Person who doesn’t Care They ARE Dead is The Dead Person; some cultures, like The Irish Wake, Celebrate The 3DLife of The Dead with Open Coffins ⚰️ at a Party 🥳 🎉 🤣 😂 😉 😆 🥳 while Others Dress Up In Black and Mourn in GraveYards InAuthentic or Authentic


  2. 💜 ProNouns ARE Interesting EveryOne; it seems Our Uses of ProNouns ARE Only Interested in “He” and InAnimate Objects ARE Referred to as SHE!!! such as Ships, Cars, Planes et al…ergo it’s No Wonder We 3DLive on a Patriarchal Planet that is Female and that Some Name Gaia and Reference Mother Nature Here on Earth 🌍🌎🌏 ; the Sisterhood NEEDS!!! to Galvanise and Correct This Crazy ImBalance and This From A Bitter, Twisted, Divorced Man 👨


      1. 💜 I Totally Agree SupaSoulSis 👍🏾; “…They are better off, They no longer suffer…” …a bit off topic question about 3DLiving next; what do YOU!!! THINK!!! about The Use of Male ProNouns rather than Gender Neutral ProNouns like “Them” in The Context of The Subjugation of Females and Other Genders 🤔 ?

        Personally I THINK!!! it’s about Puerile, Patriarchal Control and We Haven’t Really Got Very Far in The ‘First World’ since Nuclear Families and ‘The Stepford Wives’ of the 1800s through to the 1950s; then There was The BreakThrough of the 1960s and 1970s but ‘The Glass Ceiling’ Still Exists while ALL ‘Primitive’ Societies ARE Comfortable with ‘The Best Person for The Job’ along with Polyandry, Polygamy and Same Gender Sexual Relationships


      2. I see the point about the Patriarchal Control, but I look to Nature. It still takes a male and female tree in same orchard to have others produce fruit (thinking of my avocado trees), and men will still need an egg from a woman (who are only born with so many), in order to make a baby, and a woman still needs a man’s sperm. There’s no getting around the XY chromosome thing. But yes, I believe the more neutral we can be, the easier to find Balance. Will it ever be fair? Probably not. Yes, there still exists glass ceilings and good ole boy clubs. Ugh.
        Then again, we probably are thinking too much. Let’s dance! ❤️🦋🌀🎸

      3. ❤️ Totally Understood SupaSoulSis The Dirty Soil of The Womb has a Seed Planted by The Spray of The Semen; sometimes a Lady has NO IDEA!!! who The Actual Male Biological Progenitor is and Convinces a Man 👨 it’s His 👋🏿 🤔 😐 😂 😳 😑 👋🏿 Baby regardless of HER!!! Multiple Sexual Partners at The Time of Conception


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