I woke up one morning with this question in my mind, “When was the last time I felt GREAT?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question???

Almost immediately after asking myself this question, I answered myself “When I was eating raw food”!

Thus, I looked up Dan McDonald, The Life Regenerator on my email (as I have followed him for YEARS, even though I’d quit eating 100% raw in 2008).

I bought an hour personal consult with Dan and his team was so responsive! Within a couple of days, I was on the phone with him and he was just as real (honest-to-God authentic and humble human being), as I’d always thought he might be (from feeling like I knew him from his MANY enlightening YouTube videos)!

I recorded the call on my laptop, so I could listen over and over to keep myself motivated and encouraged. (And yes, I have needed to listen to our conversation again after a couple of weeks.)

I’d received an email from Dan (before our call – from his mass email list) about eating nothing but citrus fruits! I’d never thought of that before, nor had I ever eating strictly one type of foods. Even when I was a raw vegan for one year, I’d eaten quite a variety of raw fruits and vegetables.

So, a couple of days before our phone consult, I began eating several varieties of citrus fruit, and drinking lemon and lime infused water. And by the time we talked, I was really ready to HEAR and embody Dan’s advice.

Grapefruit, orange, and Halos mandarins

I decided to commit to eating this way for the month of March 2022 or longer. I committed to being really AWARE of how I feel before, during, and after eating. I began taking it “one day at a time.” And so far, so good!

To date, I have released 10 pounds in 2 weeks and feel GREAT!

Now, the weight loss has subsided a bit and I have incorporated celery and avocados into my daily diet, for dinner. I had felt I just needed a bit more fiber and fat to help move stuff through my body. And a couple times I did have romaine lettuce, basmati rice and saag spinach paneer for dinner too.

For me, right now, this is of value. And I’ll continue to adjust daily as needed. But this way of eating has brought a lot of LIGHT into my body, as Dan said it would. And I feel it!

Update: I see the Ego in the salad (like Dan said too). And come on! Back to the citrus. Maybe fruitarian IS in my future. Hmmm

You might want to check out Dan’s videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/liferegenerator

If you can tune in for at least 20 minutes… I know a few people like Dan, and I can tell you, he speaks a LOT of wisdom here:

THIS gets very Spiritual! 😍💓

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