I can tell you what I used to do when I got aggravated. And how I have lightened up. But I am really interested to hear what YOU do when someone annoys you or something aggravates you.

When something or someone disturbs you, do you:

  • Rant (like I still do sometimes)?
  • Yell?
  • Grumble?
  • Confide in someone you trust—even if you know it may raise their blood pressure?
  • Throw things?
  • Punch a pillow?
  • Throw up your hands (or a particular finger)? I have learned NOT to do that while driving.

If I am working, I’ll get up and walk around the house. (Yes, I did that when we lived in our RV too.) Or I would go outside and walk or stand barefoot in the sand.

Do you shift you body in some way?

How do you release the excess Energy that becoming aggravated stirs up?

I used to cry, but I conquered that several years ago.

I invite you to comment or email me.

Oneness. It’s not just loving what we like.

On my quest to embrace Oneness (including what I don’t like, i.e. being scammed, hearing loud people or traffic noise, people who act like jerks and worse), I am conscious that when I feel “aggravation” that’s my initial sense that I may be about to react and judge someone or situation.

I do my best to pause, take a deep breath, acknowledge my feelings, and edit my response—but it’s all a work in progress. Sometimes the situation triggers old wounds and traumas and I just have to exit—sometimes abruptly.

And while I dislike labels, I am releasing and forgiving myself for the THOUGHT when I am tempted to label someone or something. I still observe the action. But allowing anything external to me to “steal my joy” may be something I will have to work on the rest of my life.

Can you relate?

Are we all a “work in progress”?

I am always attempting to do better. I see myself transforming—and pat myself on the back when I respond in the way my best and highest self would like. (A self love and approval kind of thing.)

17 thoughts on “What do YOU do when you get aggravated?

  1. I want more than anything to tell the world about Jesus, but I know it’s easy to smile when no one is being annoying and everything is going well, so that rarely impresses anyone. But it’s the frustrating moments and times that aren’t so great (or terrible) that people really notice a good attitude “in spite of.” So I try to tell myself, BEFORE I react, that this is a great opportunity to show Christ to the people I’m with. I want to keep a “divine perspective.” (Not saying I do that, but that’s my aim. 🙄)

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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 I Have a Three Step Strategy EveryOne; these Three Steps ARE:

    ♠️ 1. I Remind MySelf I GET “Aggravated” due to MY BUTTONS AND TRIGGERS!!!
    ♠️ 2. My Expectations of Others May Be UnReasonable as I Don’t KNOW Their Motivations
    ♠️ 3. How I Describe Others and The NAMES I Call Them is How I Describe and NAME MySelf

    …it wasn’t ALWAYS!!! this way EveryBody; it began by Admitting, Acknowledging and Addressing My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) from My Conditioned UpBringing and then Seeking Help from Mental Health Professionals both Free and Paid For…the Problem for Most People is that The STIGMA!!! Associated with Mental Health has Them Reluctant to Work on Their Mental Health Shortcomings; thereby NOT!!! Getting Better at Managing Expectations and Emotions…in Summary it’s NEVER!!! AnyOne Else; there’s Only YOU!!!…


    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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      1. 💜 Thank YOU!!! for YOUR!!! Kind Words; as an AFTERTHOUGHT!!! I Would also add that I Was Helped to Remember that it’s AOK to Let Adverse Emotions like Rage, “The Finger” and Sadness, “Crying” et al Run Their Course…just Retreat to a Safe Distance, either in the mind or literally, then GO NUCLEAR!!! NoOne Gets Harmed and Healing Happens; then, on return, The Maverick, Manic Mood Can Calmly Be Explained


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    1. Interesting, Ozone! I am usually louder at home. (when I worked in an office that is).
      Have you ever experienced road rage from throwing the finger? I did once and it scared the crap outta me. I quit for a while, then eventually had a change of heart about it. Thank you for commenting! 😉


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