When we turn something alive, like spirit, into a commodity — the commercial focus of the act can warp how one looks and feels about it.

Spiritual “Currency” is always in FLOW. It is like a natural river that cannot be “turned off.” And if we dam it up, it can cause seemingly unnatural “problems.”

Let’s unpack what it looks like to stay energetically, Current. And talk about the F-L-O-W of currency (as in the flow of Energy).

This is the reason BEing Jesus (living out the teachings He taught), looks so very different than how enlightened ones (those who have experienced mystical moments) perceive the dogma and structure of “Christianity.”

Indeed the very nature of the original teachings (early Church) that Jesus asked His disciples to “go out to the world” and share, was quite different than what is being preached in thousands of so-called, Christian churches.

I am not a “Church expert,” by any means. But, from what I have gleaned from the teachings IN a variety of faiths, compared to what I know of the experiential acts of Jesus, (and the Energy he was Connected to, using, etc. however you want to say it), I get a very different sense of how we’re actually supposed to be living.

We ARE the Church. We have access to the Energy. That same ever-flowing Life Energy.

And I see where I fall short.


While communing with a magnificent Live Oak tree (on the family property where we’ve been living Off Grid for 17 months), I received an answer as to why it doesn’t matter if we don’t know who our biological ancestors are, in order to honor them and ALL of our connections.

I put a video of myself connecting with Grandmother Live Oak on my Instagram page (if you’re curious). Link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/COED24ciqGc/?utm_medium=copy_link

A couple months later, I created a course called, Communing with Trees to help explain various ways anyone could learn this kind of “information” (gathering wisdom direct from Nature).

Omniscience created ALL

How to stay Current (with energetic information)

To sum up what I got from our grandmother Live Oak:

  • Your intention is enough to get you started
  • You’re daily awareness helps (I believe because it proves your sincerity)
  • THEY (all our ancestors) are grateful when we acknowledge WE came from them! We indeed stand on great shoulders, in every way imaginable!

Peek inside a leaf with a microscope to understand.

I’m not saying that I get the same information from Trees that I get from following the teachings of Jesus, but I am saying there is a frequency and a currency that we can glean from both, that when we sit in that Energy, it is the same. As Omniscience created both.

Omniscience created ALL.

Each string on a guitar are different and produce different sounds, as we produce different gifts, but the strings play a harmonious melody on the guitar, when strummed with intent and practice. Perfection is not required, though can add to the elegance of the music.

Much love and many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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