Was Jesus a Shaman?

Think about the following list, in comparison to what we think of when we hear the word, “shaman,” perhaps Jesus was a Shaman.

Story of blind man – Jesus instructed the man to put mud on his eyes

Tempted? Jesus purportedly said it would be better to pluck out your eye (if you couldn’t control your own lust) than lose your soul

Faith – touching hem of his garment (energy flowing through him encompassing his clothing – aura)

Fasting much

Prayer – all the time and in every thought

Solitude – Spent 40 nights in the wilderness

Preaching outside – walked and taught to people where they were, typically to people who did not attend church

Overthrow money changers in the temple – honor God – disruptive – he condemned the corrupt and greedy religious hypocrites

Jesus proclaimed things that were counter to what the priests in the synagogue were preaching, and spoke with authority

Essential oils – used natural elements

Alchemy – changed water into wine

Walked on water and calmed seas – controlled and “partnered with” nature

Jesus ate with publicans and so-called sinners, to the point that some labeled him “evil.”

Jesus was disruptive. ❤️🦋🌀

Perhaps, we can each be our own shaman.

Perhaps, digging in the dirt when I plant seeds in the dark, moist soil, doesn’t make me a shaman, but when I repot a root bound plant, I consider how I am disrupting it for a moment, so it can have more room to grow. And somehow, that makes me feel like a shaman—at least a little bit.

And we can each, grow through the dirt. ❤️🦋🌀☀️🌚💦🌱


Do you think it’s time to disrupt religions?

God Omniscience IN us, not us IN church. You know, like when Jesus threw those moneychangers OUT of the temple. 🧐❤️🦋🌀🎼☯️🙏☮️

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5 thoughts on “Do you think Jesus was a Shaman?

  1. I think Jesus was a dude who rebelled against the status quo much like folks fight racism or anti gay or any way of life that doesn’t fit establishments defined norm. I think religion was created by man for man to keep the masses in line and Jesus was against all of that. His preaching was more in line with Buddhism teachings in my opinion. Is the Bible fact or memoirs from folks who stretched the story for sensationalism? It’s human nature to “enhance” a story. How many times have you embellished a retelling of an incident to a friend to make it more interesting or entertaining? Anywho. Religion has been and will continue to be the main cause for war and deaths. How can that be good?

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    1. I understand, PawPaw. I think Jesus taught us how to connect with God. I don’t think he came to establish a religion. I’m okay if people feel they need a crutch (religion), but the point of it all is to grow strong in our relationship with God, because we all go back to our Source Creator, eventually (like a stream to a river, to the ocean). 🌊 We Are All Connected. Everything Resolves to Gratitude. ❤️🦋🌀🎼☯️🙏☮️


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