Power over Force or Sheila’s Theology

Just read a story on Facebook titled, HOW THE FORCE CALLED “SATAN” CREATES AN ISRAELITE!

And I had an immediate response, which I thought I’d share here.

This is not ALL of my thoughts on theology, but the following list are the pieces that align with several main points in the aforementioned story:

  • There is no literal Satan-the adversary is human EGO;
  • Lust, greed, 7 deadly sins etc. stem from bloated human EGO;
  • No need ever for blame or name-calling;
  • Redemption and arrival of Messiah occurs in conjunction with our own Awakening;
  • No need to worry, be sad, or fear because those attitudes distract and deter us from taking responsibility to USE our own POWER and BE Empowered/accountable (which, when we ARE EMPOWERED, raises the vibration and consciousness of ALL).

I really love the end of the story!

Now, I’m not sharing the Facebook story here because I don’t have permission, but you can perform a Facebook search (Title: HOW THE FORCE CALLED “SATAN” CREATES AN ISRAELITE) and find it if your curious. It was posted originally by Billy Phillips.

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