One of the easiest and most profound ways you can improve your health and ease tension, is to practice several deep breathing techniques–daily.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing

Breathing techniques

First, Lama Nicholas Packard taught me this breathing method which goes like this:

Place your hands on your abdomen and as you inhale, see your hands and abdomen rise (or move outward). Direct your breath to the sides of your body so your ribs expand out. Your upper chest will rise last in this process.

Then, when you exhale bring your belly in first, then your ribs, and finally your upper chest.

Daily breathing like this (start with 5 minutes and increase the amount of time a little bit each day), benefits and heals the lungs.

This practice will increase the air capacity of the lungs.

Second, In the two hour Pranayama breathing workshop Dr. Ronald K. Porter joyously used story, music, dialogue, and meditation with each of us to explore the connect our breath (pranayama) and life vitality. After we did each breathing technique he asked each of us, how we felt in our body.

Drawing from Yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, Dr. Porter taught us 7 forms of pranayama and explore the numerous sensations produced in the body when we simply “be here now,” allowing ourselves to be in touch with our breathing.

During the class, my right knee was healed!! I loved the class so much that I started going to Dr. Porter’s yoga classes and invited friends to go too!

As well, Jeff Primack teaches Pranayama breathing, which is one of the best deep breathing practices one can master.

Here are two fantastic short videos about Pranic healing:

The list

  • Belly expanding/contracting (as explained previously)
  • Pranayama breathing
  • Kriya breathing
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Counting breaths (inhale for a certain number, hold, exhale for a certain number–usually for longer than you inhaled)
  • Alternate nostril breathing

Why is breathing important?

Every breath grabs oxygen from the air and brings it into your lungs. Oxygen is absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood and pumped (primarily by your heart) throughout the trillions of cells in your body. If you hold your breath for a minute you’ll begin to turn blue. This should convince anyone that oxygen is vital to the cells in your body.

Alternate nostril breathing can (at least temporarily) relieve high blood pressure.

Mind-body exercises, at their core, help us to focus on our breath, help us relax (the mind and body), ease stress by releasing pent up tension, increase feelings of worthiness and belonging (by connecting different parts of the body with our breath), improve our physical flexibility and stamina, and bring balance back to the body.

Don’t discount natural remedies because you haven’t heard about them from your doctor, as often the experts disagree on what can help us.

Continue to explore other techniques and be sure to comment!

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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