So yesterday I wrote a little article for but more on that in a few minutes. In the article, I talked about the beauty I am noticing all around me. Living in the RV, it affords my husband and I to live anywhere, to pull up stakes (though we don’t use stakes at our camp spot actually, but I just like that turn of a phrase) and take off at a moments notice. That is of course, with the exception of moving too far from where I’m working. So living in Lake County, uh, well, camping that is to say, puts us very close to a lot of things to do. I thought I’d just expand on that for a few minutes here.

Okay so here’s the article –>> Click Here. The article will tell you a lot about the Hill Country of Florida here in Lake County. What I’d like to expand on is why it is that NOW I’m realizing that beauty.

This year I’ve been keeping what is termed a “book of positive aspects”. In it, I take something – yes even something negative that’s occurring in my life – and muse on it until I can either generalize or ponder so deeply that I can turn it around and find the positive of it.

You hear people do this all the time when they say, “there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud”, or “look for the good”, which upon hearing that one I usually think to myself, “look for God”. The other morning before beginning the workday a coworker said to me it would be good if I’d “expect God’s favor”. It was a polite, profound, and professional way for him to tell me that I’ve had a negative attitude. And I have been. I’ve been so stressed, so in the weeds and details of “stuff” that well, my normal usual smile, and optimism has waned.

So as I prepared to write my article I opened my Excel spreadsheet – which is how I record my list of positive aspects – and I read this one, “Within every place the possibility to feel good exists” and immediately therefore thought, “Within every place the possibility to feel God exists”. Wow! Beautiful! Talk about a game changer. Take about a mind shift!

And it gets better. For a couple months now, another coworker (who works on a very complex project with me) has been telling me (during the moments when I think my brain is going to explode), “Serenity now”. Now, I learned the serenity prayer many years ago, but never thought to apply it to a hectic work situation. I latched right on to that phrase and say it often to myself during crisis moments. So guess what? On my list of positive aspects I find, “Serenity can be practiced any place”. Uh-huh! Yes and I agree it can… but man, during those “get me a brick so I can beat my head against it” moments of extreme irritation (usually because I feel someone else didn’t accomplish something they were supposed to – and judging – maybe they’re incompetent) it isn’t easy to APPLY serenity inducing techniques.

Oh and that’s one of many reasons why I relate so much to the movie, Office Space. In the Information Technology (IT) world, Office Space is a cult classic. When Peter gets hypnotized he goes in to work the next day with an, “I don’t care anymore” attitude. I get that! To feel serenity – anywhere. Some places do seem to make it easier for us to feel serene, than others. The hill country of Florida sure provides a sense of calm and ease.

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