Good and Bad are LABELS

Why do we always label things good or bad?

Why do we judge so much, or at all? What a waste of time and energy. (Unless you’re a judge or sitting in a jury box, don’t each of us have enough to do without all the judging and condemning of our bother and sister humans?

Don’t we each have enough to do everyday to take care of what’s real?

Light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry. These aspects of reality are real.

In traditions dating back millennia, the dark, wet/moist, and cool aspects were associated with the feminine. and light, heat, and dry aligned with the masculine. This is why the earth was said to be our mother and the sun our father. The dark soil of the earth accepts the light of the sun and nurtures plant life to grow.

We don’t say the earth is bad and the sun is good. Sometimes too much sunlight can burn our skin (so that could be bad). And when something is extremely cold it can feel hot, or if something is extremely hot it can feel cold. So, again, our senses can be fooled. Definitely calling something good or bad can vary depending on who’s judging what.

Let’s, for now, consider issues we view as bad, to simply be INFORMATION. Yes, even criminals. At some point we have to take a good hard look at our innards, shadow, guts, and admit that in some way, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, we ourselves have been the criminal, even if only in our thoughts!

To walk the path of the shaman, we must dig in the dirt of ourselves and lift up the dark to clear it. Indeed, to heal ourselves.

Terence McKenna quote

Why do people need some threat (police, judge, jury, prison, or damnation), held over their heads to inspire or coerce them to live a righteous life? Why do we need a supreme Diety or Divine to live rightly?

Are we innately good? Kind? Obviously we get it if someone is hurt, abandoned, or abused they might consequently hurt other people (the whole “hurt people, hurt people” thing). But not everyone abuses others because they were abused. It is more than likely that when we’re hurt we fall out of alignment with our true selves, our Divinely guided inner being.

Some of us simply walk uprightly because it feels so good to do so! We tell the truth because it feels good (and we can’t sleep at night if we don’t).

So, I’m here to challenge and call out the whole idea of good vs. evil. The yin and yang tradition doesn’t specify a preference between them, yin is not bad while yang is good for instance. In the Asian wisdom traditions it’s all a question of Balance. Keeping things on an even keel. Working towards the middle. Staying neutral. When I practice Reiki, I am a neutral channel of pure loving Reiki Energy.

But Balance isn’t strived for in the good/evil traditions.

Let’s do this little exercise, as suggested by Nick Polizzi of the Sacred Science — here’s a link but watch it quickly as I don’t know how long it will be available:

Write for 3 minutes of a recent “bad” situation that you’ve experienced. Not what someone else experienced as that’s none of your business.

Then write it again but use the terms light/dark or yin/yang to reframe and describe the situation to see how much emotional, spiritual, intellectual we can stretch, open, expand and change our language around the experience. This assumes it was our experience and not someone else’s we have no business in viewing/judging.

What have you learned? What new awareness has surfaced? Do you feel a bit lighter after reframing the situation and releasing the need to write bad/good judgements in the story?

For your upliftment

I hope so! Because the aim of this work is to uplift you.

We are each a bright shining fractal of Ever-Living, LIMITLESS Source Energy! Creation never ceases!

I am love-and-in my spirit and heart: I love unconditionally–that means without conditions, such as: I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have. I don’t care what ancestry you have, what skin tone, what ailments, what religion-or not, and certainly not what gender or sexual orientation you are-think you are or want to be!

Underneath the outer layer of our skin, we are all pink! Our blood is blue until exposed to oxygen and then, it’s red!

I think we care about each other because we are human. We are ALL human beings. I don’t want to exclude ANYONE. I want to be known for Inclusivity.

Because We Are ALL Connected. Because I believe each of us matter. I believe each of our voices matter. ❤️🦋🌀〰️

And, yes, I want you to yell FIRE in a theater, IF it’s on freaking FIRE!

Speaking your truth is healing!

No labels

I am all for NO LABELS!

I could care less what people do (or with whom) in the privacy of their homes, cars, RVs, motel rooms, tents, bathrooms, etc. and I don’t even mind public reasonable shows of affection (it doesn’t have to be vulgar—yes I know I am still judging). And between consenting adults, please. (My mind cannot abide with people taking advantage of children—see my previous post about that.)

Yes, I accept all for who they are. (But I don’t have to live with them.) I have had way too many experiences on different levels than to judge—more than I just did.


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Off Grid wet fun

Off Grid wet fun

While connecting with a fellow blogger, I accepted the challenge at of offering a themed post* about something “wet.”

At first, the only thing I could think of was to show you how we cool off while living “off grid.”

This is our little 3 feet deep off grid pool:

Our “off grid” pool.

And then, as I was preparing this to be a very short post, I remembered our pond! ❤️😉

Here’s our tilapia fish stocked pond:

Hubby and son at our tilapia stocked pond.

Far cry from these cool waterfalls in Scotland we saw last summer, but on a blazing Florida day, we’ll take it!

Waterfall in Scotland on our drive to Isle of Skye—July 2019.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

*Debbie‘s blog. “Travel with intent” inspired this post. This Sunday’s one-word, “Wet” was the theme.


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I’m an Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon. Plus, I’ve written a health book (in the making for 13 years), Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, that’s available here.


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Here’s us:

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