What LIGHTS me up? Divine Flame

What is it that lights me up? What’s the Divine Flame?

My purpose is what lights me up.

I sit and look at my PEACE board that I drew for my Integrated Spiral™ program. And what I see, what I know is that I AbSOULutely love to talk and share from my Soul about holistic health, healing, transformation, and of course, Omniscience God and Spirit! ❤️🦋🌀

Per my body graph:When I feel resistance, or frustrated, it is because I made a decision by mental reasoning. My strategy is to respond until I feel satisfied. Unless I am a subtype of Manifestor, my job was never to be the Peacemaker I felt forced to be.

Yesterday, I let go…

Divine Flame

I let go of a 3 year friendship and wellness community (of which I had been a vocal and very visible part of—both on social media and blogging). Done.

Pain pushes until vision pulls.

I walked barefoot in the hot Florida sand.

I cried cleansing tears for less than 5 minutes.

My grief turned to compassion easily. —That’s because I do my Byron Katie “turnarounds.” And “go general” as Abraham-Hicks say. I am very adept at finding my next better feeling thought.

I worked my program of Spiral mechanics on my feelings. —I go deep to rise above, remembering what I have learned from my teachers (Dispenza, Lipton, Hof, Beckwith, Sadhguru, Lama Nicholas, Terrence McKenna, etc) so I can integrate and embody MORE.

What happened? WHY end a friendship?

NO ONE seems suspicious of the mainstream narrative. And while I am not necessarily suspicious, I do question and push back when I feel the need to take care of myself. I still Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life! Yes, I do! I read my own book over and over to remind mySelf.

Until now, for most of my life of 59 years, I have been a peacemaker. I would most naturally choose to back down from a confrontation.

But I am becoming more discerning.

I used to walk away from a fight because when one walks away, the fight ends. I learned that from the years I watched my parents argue, yell, and bicker. It’s the path of least resistance for me. Call it a coping skill. Whatever. It worked for me. It allowed me to give myself compassion. To love mySelf.

So, I don’t judge mySelf for that.

Yes, I have burned bridges in the past. It was necessary and I have no regrets. It kept me “safe.” Whatever that really means.

But NOW?

Now, I want to stand my sacred ground.

I don’t want to back down.

My Irish ire is up. Haha!

I have grown a backbone.

I know I’m a good person. But it’s more than that, (and because I know we are Energy beings, and that it’s ALL ENERGY), I am a multidimensional WHOLE person, who is worthy of being heard, at least, if not respected or honored. Those are all just labels anyway.

Yes, I am worthy to BE HERE NOW. Bless it!

I love to listen to Russell Brand, Brian Rose, Dr Joe Dispenza, Sadhguru and those leaders who can look and value ALL perspectives.

I teach Integrated Spiral™ courses because they have grown me into WHOLENESS!

🌀 Energy Tuning

🔵 Mirror ball: Valuing ALL perspectives

🌱 Growing & F-L-O-W-I-N-G (Everything Resolves to Gratitude)

☯️ Kaleidoscope: Finding value in Everything, Interconnectedness (We Are All Connected)

Yesterday. I was triggered by certain personal messages and responses, that differed from past conversations on the particular triggering topic, which I totally had not expected. Yep, I was blind-sided.

In the online community, of which we are both a part of many are supportive of each other. And I was often told what a wonderful person I was when introductions were made. We were supposed to be uplifting, inclusive, spreading love & light, ETC.

Well, I’m apparently not so wonderful anymore! Make one perceived misstep and it’s judgment city! Ha!

I simply brought an issue to light that a simple, “okay” would have been all the communication I needed. If that had happened, everyone would have easily moved on with their day. But, noooo!

Thus today, I witness the power of the Divine Flame 🔥 to burn away what isn’t necessary in my life and clear another path forward. We’re off to see the wizard, as the song says! ❤️🦋🌀🎼〰️🔥🙏☯️

Themes that runs through my life

  • Airwaves
  • Connection
  • CB Radio
  • Voice (Human Design speaks to this too, i.e. Throat – useful in getting attention)
  • Tone
  • Singing
  • Ego / Not being heard/acknowledged. My Spirit knows it doesn’t really matter. And that what does matter is ALIGNMENT
  • Healing: colitis/asthma all seeking peace from stress, hostility, fear, self preservation because I felt suffocated
  • Loved church (learning about God)
  • Loved chiropractic and how good it made my body feel, breathe easier
  • Loved to play not fight – why did others break my toys?
  • Loved the little old family cemetery—though little scary that was behind our neighbors house
  • Loved horses, cats, dogs
  • Loved driving, riding motorbikes
  • Deep thinker from talking more with adults than children when I was growing up
  • Loved to go down the street (escape home)*
  • Loved to play on the tracks / golf course, both opposite ends of my street*

*Wrote about this in First Friends

My Mission is unfolding

I’m noticing that a person’s mission can be different throughout life. I desire my mission to fulfill my purpose.


Perhaps by doing all of the following:

  • Blogging
  • Writing books
  • Creating courses
  • Public speaking
  • Vlogging
  • Podcasting
  • Singing
  • Emceeing events

What’s a crazy thing I could do?

Put on a huge event showcasing ENERGY (Resonance Academy types, solar and off grid types, original music / songwriters, hand crafting artisans, storytellers, alchemists, holistic wellness practitioners, yogis, etc.)

What’s in my way?

What actions am I not taking?
What are my excuses?
What’s the real reason, belief that is holding me back?

Fear of Failure Fear of Success (I’ll have to quit my job, and my struggle is hugely tied to my education and career)

Fear of being told to “just get over yourself” (which I’ve already heard twice since starting to share my unapologetic truths), so guess I should just go BIG

Fear I don’t have a thick enough skin (because I’m so raw, empath)

Too old and not have enough energy

Fear of uncontrolled outcomes (like shock of spider, snake appearing on me)I can’t handle it (At the bottom of every fear)

Fear of upsetting those I love or who love me

What are the turnarounds?

Now, to TURN those around.

I have been successful in life.

I have failed, been scared, and risen from the ashes!

I have survived much worse than somebody’s judgement

I am continually growing my skin and participate in Empath Evolution and Women’s Soul Journey.

I’m wise and age is just a number. Look at all those older than me doing amazing things!

I don’t have to know how to handle every shocking event! Yet, I can handle it.

I will manage it (step by step).

We’re meant to do hard things.

Being unapologetic is freeing.

Who DO I think I am?

Look at what your ancestors struggled through to bring YOU into the world!! I acknowledge my ancestors DAILY

Don’t keep writing your future from your past. Write about the feelings of it, and then the details.

Lesson to grandchildren: I am
Let go of limiting beliefs Know power, strengths, Fears.

Who implanted these fears in me?

Stop fixing it – pop the DOING “bubbles“

Don’t sweat the small stuff

You and I are worthy

What’s bugging me?

Do something about it

Hang out with positive people!

Hang out with children

Hang out with older people

Ask them what they think, and listen! ❤️🦋🌀😘

What’s your vision?

Your core message to the world lights you up!

Transformation-hope-don’t give up

What do you think is stopping you?

Keynotes are different than aspiring free talks

What’s my vision?

My transferrable skills, credentials, spill over to this arena because I am a detective, scientist, tester, credible.

The vision of my future that fits in a picture frame.

Before accepting new commitments, look at my board and see if new opportunities align!!! Big one!! Especially after yesterday 6/14/21

What are my business commitments?

  • JOB (M-F 8am-4pm eastern)
  • Integrated Spiral: self-coaching program
  • Murrey Creations: Marketing our original music
  • Blogging
  • Primal Life Organics product tester reviewer

What are my personal commitments?

  • To myself, self care and spiritual growth/soul expansion
  • To my husband, without whom my life would lack richness
  • Video chats with granddaughters
  • Adult children and neighbors
  • Calls to family and friends
  • Community- herb garden and fruit trees

What are my Spiritual/Soul commitments?

To continue learning from and conversing with: Omniscience, Richard, Jennifer, Resonance Academy, Dr Joe Dispenza, Mindvalley, Abraham-Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, Stephen Simon, Jerry, Alania, Patricia, Beverly, Doris, Amber, Michelle, Heatherhoney, Shelley, Patti, Elasa, Omaji, Queen-Kimmie, Sharon, Joanne, Jade, Alana, Guvinder, and more!

Hey, if you’d LOVE to talk about this, let’s open a popup room in my club on CLUBHOUSE!

Join me on Clubhouse! @SpiralSister

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Reality is ONLY what we perceive

This is a comparison of two thoughts –

Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.


What IS a lie?

I’m an analyst by nature. But I am also creative! I taught myself how to draw anime and paint. I like to make sense of things. I am a seeker. Always attempting to understand.

Because I’m an analyst, I keep my eyes and ears open when others (though I was trained at an early age to “tune people out”) are spewing crap and I try to figure out what prompts them to do so. What are the intentions behind their actions? Do they INTEND to hurt people?


Let’s look at the LARGER expanded context. The way I perceive a statement (which might be true for you) may not ring true for me?

The Merriam-Webster definition of a lie is: “To make an untrue statement with intent to deceive” and “to create a false or misleading impression”.

Ah, then a lie really is your perception of reality that differs from my perception of reality. Agreement is never found within a lie. A lie separates people.

It’s the reason I always say there are multiple sides to every story. But wait! Do not use my words against me. You can’t purposely hurt someone, lie about it, and then say I am the one who’s not hearing YOUR side. You can’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. Because? Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.

Just because we know there are multiple facets to each person, each event, each statement in life, does not give you license to hurt people.

Jesus Christ was quoted as saying, “you shall know a tree by its fruit”. To determine if you are on your right path, look at the fruits of your current activities. (References: Matthew 7:16, Matthew 7:17, Matthew 7:20, Matthew 12:33, Luke 6:43, Luke 6:44, and John 15:4)

I am sure if you take a good long look at yourself in a mirror, looking deeply into your OWN eyes – then sitting quietly in prayer and meditation seeking to know if you have hurt anyone, then you may glimpse if you are the healer, OR if you are the PROBLEM.

No one is perfect, and that is a healing statement. Forgiveness is HUGE, and I do forgive those who have purposely hurt me (or my family or friends) because I know we’re all spirit experiencing being human.

There are troublemakers and there are peacemakers. If you look at the fruit of your life, you’ll know which you are.

I am a peacemaker. You know this by looking at the fruits of my life.

When others use us, lie, cause trouble for us – the peacemakers all to often carry that crap around, thinking we caused it somehow. But, I am finding that peacemakers did not cause it – those problems are not ours. It’s negative energy and unhealthy. Don’t carry around any problem that is not yours.

I’ve been living by, and thinking in agreement with these two mantras for many years:

“Everything happens for a reason.”


“I wouldn’t be the person I am today, without all of the experiences I’ve had (thus far) in my life”.

However, this is a PROCESS, there is NO COMPLETION or finish line.

So, because this is a process, I am always seeking ways to “let go” of the past, even if the past was yesterday, because my perception of reality is that people can be hurtful. People lie, gossip, cut me off in traffic, etc. which is why I love energy medicine!

Energy medicine is so helpful, on many levels. It allows the cells of our body to let go of negative experiences, so they do not get STUCK in the body and manifest into dis-ease.

That said, recently I experienced an aMaZiNg healing energy medicine session with Dr. Alison J Kay!! We really broke through some very old sh*t (past trauma / guilt of a negative situation) and I was empowered to let go of some very deep emotions that consciously I had thought I had done all my forgiveness work on (years ago) but apparently the cells of my body (scientist Candace Pert proved cells hold memories) had NOT! Dr. Kay cleared my heart chakra in this session and WOW! Haha! Healing is such a PROCESS!

It FELT sooo good to get that heaviness out of my heart! It was really like we did a heart chakra colonic! Why did I ever think that hurtful person’s actions were mine?

I accept FULL responsibility for what I allow to happen in my life. I know there’s VALUE in everything, though some experiences FEEL better than others. And sometimes, it takes years to be able to find the value of certain people or experiences we’ve known.

Since we cannot control everything in our lives, it’s good to realize and focus on this: What I give out, returns to me – like the ripples from a pebble thrown into a pond. That is why it is so much better to focus on what feels good (pointed in LOVE) than what feels bad (pointed in FEAR).

  • Do not make trouble for people.
  • Mind your own business
  • Do not gossip.
  • Go back and read the Ten Commandments (those weren’t just “suggestions”). If you’re not into the Bible, look at the results of your actions.

When you throw a pebble in the water, the ripples extend and touch much more than you know. But know this, the ripples return to their source. What you dish out, will return to you – it is a universal LAW. So, “send them love”. In any situation or circumstance – just send them LOVE.

If your heart is pointed in the direction of LOVE, you will be a blessing to others, not a curse. Watch the movie Maleficent– it’s something to think about.

If you’ve read this far, perhaps you’re a healer and peacemaker also. Thank you.

If you want one more way to know whether you’re motivated by love or fear – ask yourself the following questions on any particular issue you’re facing:

  • Is there any value in my association with this (person, place, or thing)?
  • Is this (person, place, or thing) really necessary in my life?
  • How does it feel to me when I think of this (person, place, or thing)?

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you’ll know what to do. Follow what feels lighter (vs. heavier). Always, in all ways, go forward, move ahead – doing what FEELS GOOD!

You can suffer if you want to. But, if you want to experience greater health, go in the direction that FEELS good to YOU.

In the name of our Limitless, Ever-Living, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Pulsating, Be-ing, Creator Source God who IS the Energy that holds the Universe together. Beyond what we can see. Beyond what we now know. Faith IS the substance of things not yet seen.

In ALL ways, BE a blessing.


A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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