A quick note as I was shopping just now at the grocery store, Publix for those you know it. They were playing music on the overhead speaker system, PA system. And a song came on by Cher. It was Believe. It’s an old song older and I immediately thought, “Do you believe in life after life or life after death”?

I’ve been working with Dr. Raymond Moody volunteering as one of his email correspondents. Life after Life was the book he wrote years ago. He brought to the awareness of the masses, something a phrase he coined, which was a near-death experience (NDE). His book Life After Life figures prominently in my life right now because I use it in a lot of my research to answer his correspondence when people write to him.

The song comes on and I’m thinking yeah, yeah, right now I am. I believe in life after love. I believe in life after life, life after death. I thought, how porous of me! And the longer I stood there pondering the word porous. Porous – poor us, right?

Rich or Poor?

But, on the way to the store I had been thinking, we’re ALL rich. What if we could just make out a mantra every day to say to ourselves, I am so rich in experience. I am so rich in love. I’m so rich because I have my relationship with my family, my friends, the clean air I’m breathing and access to a car, that kind of thing, right?

So I stood there in the checkout line contemplating that word porous. And I thought that would be the best. I had a Drew Barrymore moment I guess and I got all excited. I almost wanted to break out into dance, you know? Right there in a Publix grocery store!! Ha! I just saw myself as Drew Barrymore going–that’s it! That’s our podcast name. Porous – Poor us! I thought I like the word Infuse too. It sort of meant the same thing but it didn’t quite have the ring to it that porous has.

A sponge

As an empath. I believe that I’m porous as a sponge. .I’ve said it even in job interviews! I’m porous. I soak in a lot of information from a lot of different perspectives and subject matter and when I go to events, I love that because I bring in–just soak in information from all sides, all angles, all different cultures, races, creeds, religions, all of it!

Soak up from Omniscience

Of course, as my spirituality has matured into the omniscience that it has, where everything is omniscient, everything living is omniscient with life. So nature is omniscient. God is omniscient. You know, it’s all beating with us breathing with us being with us, feeding us information and information out. We’re just part of this network in this cycle. It’s all cyclical.

Yin and Yang

It’s all you know, growing and shrinking. We’re expanding and we’re shrinking at the same time. You know, the one I’ve talked about before many times in Yang, you take the yin and yang, you blow it up like a balloon or a ball and you squeeze one side. It appears to get smaller, but the other side just gets bigger. And the circle everything contained in that circle stays the same. It’s like my friend Nikki says, Balance is tricky because balance can be 50/50, 60/40 or 8020. If you imagine that yoke the yin and yang as I started to say yoga ball. While we don’t have to go that big, maybe we do you know, maybe the ball is the earth right? And so, metaphorically speaking, you squeeze one side the other pops out bigger, but eventually squeezes to release the tension. So now, things can be more in harmony and work closer to 50/50.

Photo by Jben Beach Art on Pexels.com

USA 50/50 right now

Right now our country seems like it’s the USA anyway, seems like we’re at this 50/50 point. And our Republican-Democrat, pro-anti-Trump, pro-anti-Biden administration, you know, that sort of these conversations, even if you just break it down into conversations about specific topics pro-choice, pro-life, pro-immigration, pro, no borders, you know, pro-guns, pro knives, I mean, you know, pick your poison people you know, evil lies in men’s hearts.

If people want to hurt somebody they’re gonna find a way to do it whether they have a gun or not. Though, yes I’ve heard the argument of course that a gun make it easier, and a sword can be pretty easy to–if it’s sharp enough and you know how to use it. If you know how to wield the sword, so to speak, but not to go off on a tangent. No spiral thoughts today. Just wanted to get that out there.

Connects to previous conversation about ‘Strong Enough’

And also, it connects back to something I talked about a while back, find that here: https://sheilamurrey.net/2023/02/22/driving-to-tuesday-night-reiki-circle-feb-21/ where I presented the Sheryl Crow song, Strong Enough. Cher’s lyrics in Believe say that too!

Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
“I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no”
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
“I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no”

[Verse 2]
What am I supposed to do
Sit around and wait for you?

Well, I can’t do that
And there’s no turning back
I need time to move on
I need love to feel strong
‘Cause I’ve had time to think it through
And maybe I’m too good for you, oh

Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
“I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no”
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
“I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no”

Am I strong enough? She thinks she’s strong enough to get through it. But she also seems to be questioning if a man is strong enough. I don’t know. How do you interpret that?

Porous – Poor us?

I wanted to share that kind of Aha and see what you think about us (Richard and I) doing a podcast. I don’t know. I mean, we may start it together. My husband and I just have a lot on our plate right now. So we’ll see how things go in the next couple of months. Please comment and share. I’d love to build a community here. If you want to and if this resonates with you Thank you so much.

Blessings, Blessings abound. And remember, We Are All Connected. Many blessings much love! Peace.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai and grammar-checked using Grammarly.

Would you watch or listen to our podcast?

Let me know what thoughts may have dropped in for you while reading this. Would you watch or listen to our podcast? What information would you be interested in hearing from us? Share your thoughts. I’m interested!

p.s. I had drafted this post yesterday but didn’t get a chance to complete it until today.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone. Thank you and blessings to you and many in all ways. OM

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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11 thoughts on “Aha moment in the grocery store

  1. I remember when “Life After Life” came out, and the near-death experience was of great interest to many people. As I recall, there was another book on that topic by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross that was also a best-seller. It seemed everyone interviewed by these authors had reported the same “Light at the end of the tunnel” experience, regardless of their religious beliefs, a phenomenon that puzzled Christians.
    But another book, written by an ER doctor, “To Hell and Back,” described non-believers he had witnessed first-hand, screaming hysterically as they “died,” and, after they had been resuscitated, reporting horrible scenes of torment and suffering. Interestingly, this doctor was walking down the hall one day and heard one of those same patients being interviewed, describing the Light at the end of the tunnel and a world of love and beauty. Apparently, unable to deal with what he had seen, his mind had constructed a different scenario in the days that followed. Food for thought…


  2. 💜 This is a Great Post EveryOne; just a little disappointing that Goddess, Mother Nature, was Left Out as She often is in this Patriarchy EveryBody and this from “God” who loves his wife very much and shakes His head when ALL The Attention is Focussed on Him while She does most of The Graft

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐



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