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Let me talk this through for a minute.

Think about the word convergence. And think about big tech and think about what search engines do.

What search engines do is try to solve a problem for whoever searching. So there are 8 billion people on the planet. Maybe half of them are using the internet. So there are 4 billion people asking questions, and you know how you don’t know what you don’t know. Or you often don’t even know what question to ask.

So 4 billion people are asking 4 billion questions on a variety of search engines every day and what’s going on in the background is, that being owned by Microsoft Bill Gates, they’re collecting all of these questions. So servers, computer servers around the world are storing all of this information. As far as the question, you may or may not ever find an answer to your question, but the point is, it’s collecting the questions and it’s collecting them asked in 4 billion different ways, on however many unlimited amounts of topics.

So, in the background, this AI beast if you will, is created by Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, no surprise that they’re the richest men in the world because they got ahead of the curve and understood that the way to control the world and or well with the control comes making money, is to figure out what questions the world has to answer and then they could work on the answer. Or in their case, they built the answer, which was the mechanism involved to collect all of the questions.

The big issue now is that you have people that are white labeling, if you will, say Bing, so I use Ecosia as a search engine because for me, it helps me feel a little bit better about my day. As I’m using the internet search engine to search for to plug my question in and obtain an answer–hopefully.

I’m using Ecosia because it’s a feel-good thing. They’re taking some of their profits and they’re parlaying that money to other organizations that plant trees, it results in planting trees and I don’t have to plant the tree or even spend any money. I’m just searching the internet.

But what am I giving?

I’m giving my intellectual property utilizing performing the search. Just like we give our used clothing and use the items in our house to Goodwill. And then goodwill just organizes them. Maybe they do some cleaning or something I don’t know. Or maybe they test them to see if things work before they either put them out for sale or trash them. I don’t know what their internal processes are. But they do something they handle the gifts that you give them for free and turn them into a resource that they then sell. So they have a tangible property that they turn around and sell well.

So the mechanism or what’s in play with the search engines is that they’re selling ads targeted to your desires, wants, needs, whatever it is you’re asking about. So as you are interested in building a tiny house you’re going to start seeing Tiny House ads as you’re interested in buying an RV or renting an apartment, you’re going to see ads for those that generate revenue. That’s how they make their money.

So the questions that you ask go into this self-fulfilling prophecy, I started to say perpetual motion of machination is machinery in the background that then calculates and then they have programmers that write algorithms to turn that around and feed that back out to you as ads.

Now, on the one hand, one can argue that big tech is offering convenience and you don’t have to use it. And on the other hand, you can see it as the ‘end times beast.’

How do we build a better mousetrap? And yes, I understand the implications that bring the word trap, right in the mousetrap, right, who’s the mouse? We are.

Are we enslaving humanity throughout this process and are we giving our power over by giving the search engines our free intellectual property?

I’ve always been all for that because I’m a blogger and a writer and I put my thoughts innermost thoughts out there and even met my husband, the love of my life, my third husband on the internet. So, you know, I’ve worked in tech for over 35 years and while I’ve probably guessed at the downside, I’m seeing it more and more now. Because after 2018 people were into natural, holistic health remedies, nutrition, alternative and functional and integrative medicine, and even spirituality. A lot of these providers and service people have products and services for sale, their voices were squelched in 2018. Way before the health pandemic occurred. So something’s going on. And the smaller companies are being bought up by the larger ones.

Richard Murrey artwork of big fish eating little fish, eating littler fish - http://listen4music.com/ocean%20life/3.html

So as my husband always says, big fish eat the little fish and little fish eat littler fish. The image here is my husband’s art and from my his website: http://listen4music.com/ocean%20life/3.html

What’s the end game?

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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8 thoughts on “Internet – The Beast

  1. Great post, Sheila!!! THANK YOU for the search engine. I’m so DONE with these search engines giving you what they deem acceptable according to the narrative. I used to be able to dig and dig deep no matter the subject but now? What a joke!!! Even my husband who knows how to get in search engines to get to what he wants to know, is pulling his hair out. He attempted to do research on a subject matter and when he got to a site that called out the BS, the page whited out. Hey, hubby, I told him, that is called censorship! Now you know!

    And then!! Have you ever investigated how many REAL “hits” there are under a certain subject you want to search for? I have and when you get to say page 12, the information just repeats. I am going to try this new search engine and pass it on to hubby too. I will not “bow” to the information highway which the higher ups want us to know about.

    And you ask what is the end game? VICTORY in every single aspect of life! I will NOT let go of that knowing! In the meantime, this present of ours is such a mess and it is going to take ALL of us to take steps to bring light and more light and even more light to defeat this viscous dark.

    Thank YOU for being you. Sending you so much love today!!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, and thanks to Robyn Openshaw I can share another new-to-me search engine, Swisscows!

      Thank you, Amy! I’m sooo glad this post resonated with you and that we can encourage each other to continue digging deep and mining for truths in these deceiving times! Your comment so encourages me!
      Big hugs!! Much love!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I will! I hope to meet Robyn soon as she lives in Florida now! (I have followed her for years, though I was making my own green smoothies and had even put my videos on YouTube years before I heard of her—she’s known as The Green Smoothie Girl.

        And I will look for what you mentioned, the duplicate search results after about page 12. I research a lot of things too but honestly rarely go that far in the result listings anymore—guess I am getting lazy! Oops!
        Thank YOU for reminding me to dig deeper. Wink!

        Liked by 1 person

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