No one cares when i cry

Have you ever felt like mo one cares when I cry, or that no one cares when you do any of the following:

  • Finish a blog post (so they sit in my Drafts folder)
  • Wait to add photos to a blog article until after I post it (so why do I feel I must note that the image will be inserted soon?)
  • Feel the need to explain myself 
  • Finish reading a book (often it takes me a year to read one; some I read in less than a month though!)
  • Finish a project around the house or on my laptop that I’ve had in progress for months/years
  • Make a list of 29 things to do and tick them off one by one
  • Post a book review (even for a friend?)
  • Invite others to join me on trips or weekend events
  • Make a raw vegan carrot cake (that was a new recipe)
  • Wash dishes by hand (I haven’t used the dishwasher, except once to test it, since we moved to this condo last September!)
  • Wait til the last week to buy tickets to an event (if it sells out, I take that as a sign I wasn’t supposed to go)
  • Make my bed (especially now that we only sleep under a sheet?)
  • Wait to take a shower (all week! Thank God for Zoom meetings! Haha)
  • Go without wearing a bra (Hubby likes it! Haha)
  • Brush my teeth once a day (but my teeth have suffered)
  • Write a poem
  • Create a piece of art

Do you ever feel like no one cares when you cry, or any of these other things in the list above?

I wondered what Google thought about this topic and when I typed in the first few words, this is what I saw:

No one cares when I cry- Google list

Why do you think no one cares when I cry, or when you cry?

Why do you think no one cares when I cry, or when you cry?

Perhaps this is why we feel depressed or lonely? Because we want someone to care or seek Connection or attention. Hmm.

Perhaps this is why we procrastinate on doing any of the things in the list?

Can we figure out a way to feel better?

Does it bother or upset you after you’ve taken some time to analyze this?

Perhaps we make others feel depressed when we cry? Or we trigger their feelings of guilt, as they may think they need to do something to ease our crying or dry our tears?

Have you ever had anyone laugh at you when you’re crying? Maybe if you’re crying during a sad scene in a movie? And why is that annoying? It’s happened to me and I felt quite annoyed. 

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking these thoughts or feeling these emotions. What are your thoughts on this topic?

3 thoughts on “No one cares when I cry

  1. I used to hate the feeling that nobody cared what I did, especially in the creative projects, but then I realized there’s a certain freedom in not caring if they care. I am at a point where I do what I do for the Lord and for myself. If others appreciate it, great, but if not, it’s OK. I’m not doing it for them, anyway. 😉

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