Ah, the years of our lives we waste turning keys in locks and opening (and closing) cabinet doors! Okay, the cabinet doors are a pet peeve of mine.

Have you ever given this any thought?

Locks and keys

We have locks and keys to protect things or ourselves. But what is Protection?

We must keep others from robbing us. Or we must keep someone from taking something from us.

Sit with the word, Protection.

That’s all about Boundaries. Control. Ownership.

Next time you waste a second of your life turning a key in a lock, getting a key out of a pocket or finding a lost key, think about this. Is not EVERYTHING, God’s?

Cabinet doors

Why do we need cabinet doors?

What are we hiding?

Do cabinet doors hide our mess?

I abhor these kinds of doors! They take time to clean, restore, paint, etc. And I want all the time back that I have wasted opening and closing them!

When we adopt mindful ways of living, we notice what is no longer needed. And to me, we no longer need cabinet doors!

Cabinet doors only exist because some cabinet maker wanted to be able to charge more money for his cabinets! Ha! Who needs them?

What the hell do cabinet doors protect?

Dust, mice, or insects still find their way into cabinets anyway, even with cabinet doors on them, so really, I think they are unnecessary.

Years ago, I changed my mind about the need to have cabinets at all! Ha!

In fact, in the second house we bought, we took down all the upper cabinets (in the kitchen) and replaced them with open wire, chrome shelves! It was sooo much easier to clean, and to put dishes away, and looked great!

Years later, we removed ALL the wood cabinet doors in our RV too! (We put them back on to sell it, but I always preferred to SEE what we stored in the cabinets and save ourselves the time and effort of opening and closing them.

What do you think?

Before with cabinet doors open:

Bedroom cabinet doors on but open

Before with cabinet doors closed:

Bedroom cabinet doors on and closed

After we removed the cabinet doors:

Bedroom cabinet doors removed

Living room and kitchen:

Kitchen and Living room with cabinet doors on but closed

When I find a picture of what it looked like without the cabinet doors in the Kitchen and Living room, I’ll add it. I had pictures in a previous Marketplace ad without them, but I’ve since removed the ad. (Uh, technology. And I must have already deleted the picture from my phone.)

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