Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning program

After completing, Dr. Alison J. Kay’s, “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power” tele-call series, I was presented with an opportunity to take part in Mind Valley’s first Live Coaching Program with Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, one of America’s most enlightened spiritual leaders.

Mind Valley claimed the program would “Forever Change Your Path” and it certainly lit a fire under me to make some changes and accomplish more.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning program
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning program

Changes made

So, what changes have I made?

  • I became clearer about how strong and deep my own personal power is
  • I volunteered to welcome vendors on Saturday March 5th at the 4th annual Awakening Into The Sun festival
  • I met Julie Moret and Keith Mitchell with so much energy and vitality that I almost scared myself! (Julie is a student of Dr. Michael Beckwith, author of What’s Your What and motivational speaker. She spoke with a beautiful genuine heart and led us in meditation. Keith is a former NFL linebacker turned yoga teacher)
  • At the Awakening Into The Sun event, I participated in one complete advanced yoga session (led by Keith Mitchell) in the morning and part of another session offered that evening too! The yoga sessions were so aWEsOMe and extraordinary that my body woke up at 3:33am Sunday morning feeling all of the life-enhancing and rejuvenating effects!


What have I accomplished?

Lessons learned

Dr. Beckwith’s program provided me the time and focus to work on improving my health, wealth, and visioning, which has dramatically shown up in my life as:

  • Improved daily exercise routine with the addition of yoga and body rolling
  • Employing new visioning techniques daily to improve my work tasks, and bolster my singing voice
  • Giving me more courage to reach out and really “go for” what I want

I also learned never to compare myself with anyone. Period. I am a distinct individual. I am a unique expression of the whole. Just as every leaf, and snowflake is unique and different, so each of us are unique and different–thus we should never compare ourselves to any other person.

Now, I contribute more fully, and with more intention. I told many people during the Awakening Into The Sun event that I couldn’t be happier if I was levitating! Ha! And I meant it–feeling JOY in every fiber of my being!

About Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community with congregation of over 9,000 members at this time.

He has appeared on several television shows, Dr. Oz, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live and also in his own featured PBS Special, The Answer Is You, that allows his message to be seen and heard by millions of people.

Dr. Beckwith has participated alongside the Dalai Lama and other New Thought Ministers in The Synthesis Dialogues. He is the creator of the Visioning Process, which he teaches world-wide via books and seminars. The Visioning Process is a way to more fully open to and embrace our connection to the divine. We become vessels that the Universe can serve through.

In my last article, I explained that each morning I meditate to expand my energy and reach. I see myself as a voice and influence, connecting to my coworkers, friends, neighbors, local community, state, region, country, continent, and world. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. And I always want to honor this knowing.

If we’re in better shape emotionally, mentally, and physically, we can change the world! And why is that important? Because We Are All Connected!

Learn more about Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith here –>> Agape Live

Learn more about Mind Valley’s MasterClass series here –>> Mind Valley

Learn more about Dr. Kay here –>> Alison J. Kay (Healer, author, yoga and meditation teacher, QiGong instructor, and coach)

I continue to hope that as all of us continue on our journey, we can learn through every experience, and grow each day. Hope is hope. And FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things not yet seen.

I invite you to continue opening your mind to learning about something new in 2016 and beyond. You are never to old to be open to receive new and helpful information.

Be ye blessed in ALL ways.

Be the person your Soul knows you are!

Amen. Namaste. OM

A bit about me:

An Amazon bestselling author of two co-authored books: “Transform Your Life Book 2 Inspirational Stories and Expert Advice” and “Energy of Receiving”, available on Amazon.

Plus, my holistic health book that details how I naturally reversed asthma, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life, is available now. Buy it here.

Be the best version of who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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