Vote with Dollars

The older I get the more I see why it matters where we put our money. We vote with our dollars. Each time we spend a dollar on this or that, businesses profit from it. We can make or break a business by our shopping habits.

When we save, the money stays in the bank or under the bed not doing us any good in the moment but down the road (if we’ve stored it somewhere we are being paid interest) then it may grow into a larger sum of money and  be there for us to use at a later time. I’m not sure if it will be worth anymore because inflation seems to bite into whatever interest was made. And if you had it under the bed you’d end up with that same amount of money but it wouldn’t be worth as much as when you stowed it.

So, back to the point.

Vote with your Dollars

Spending money

Why spend money? Spending keeps people working. When you spend, others have the use of your money. And remember you exchanged your time for that money.

There’s a real relationship between time and money.

If you want to keep the economy moving – spend. If you want to slow the economy – don’t spend.

When you buy a car there is a ripple effect. Others benefit from your having bought the car. And the benefits may be direct or indirect. It reminds me of something I heard awhile back. If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, does it cause a hurricane on the other?

Support small businesses

Considering small businesses. If someone makes a product or provides a service I feel is good, I continue supporting that business. I will also tell others (word of mouth marketing) about the business and what excellent product or service they provided. I may promote the product or service provider on blogs, websites,  Facebook, etc. All of those good and positive words help that business grow. Conversely if I am not pleased with a business I will also talk about it – and like the butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the planet, it could cause a ripple effect, the likes of which, that business cannot imagine.

If that one negative customer influences several others the business will experience a drop in sales. Enough mad customers could bring down the business – maybe bankrupt is too harsh a word. But if you’re a business owner or service provider and you’re not doing so well, you ought to consider how good you are or if you’ve ticked off a few people. That’s why the old adage came to be – “the customer is always right.” Yes, the customer is always right. If you don’t think that’s true and you own a business let me educate you.

Dissatisfaction costs businesses money

You don’t want your customer to leave dissatisfied.

If you hear any hint of dissatisfaction you’d better step up and make it right. I’m sure you don’t want people blogging about your business in a negative way. And if you don’t care – then you’ve really got problems. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some people are hard to please. But you’re in business and you need to strive to ensure your customers have a high opinion of you. You cannot control what they say about you but you will go a long way towards having them say nice things about you if you show them you care and will go the extra mile to meet or beat their expectations.

Animals are democratic

Have you ever noticed that the animal world votes in a democratic fashion? If a herd of 100 deer need to get to the watering hole, it’s the 51st animal who influences the whole herd to move in the direction of the water at precisely the right time. Check out the red deer study. I’ve noticed that birds of a feather also flock together – it’s not just an old saying. Have you watched a flock flying and notice how many turn, seemingly at the exact same time, then the rest follow suit almost immediately? Flocking together seems to be the birds way of voting and it is instinctual.

People are habitual

People are also instinctual as well as, habitual. Most people stick with others, whether it be friends, jobs, neighborhoods, cities, or such out of habit and comfort. We stick with what and who we know. Keep us happy and we’ll be around for awhile. Tick us off and we probably won’t feel comfortable and eventually we’ll leave. And we will probably tell others (in some cases a lot of others).

Making it work

If you want friends, customers, and good relationships be nice. Go the extra mile. Live up to your word. Meet or beat others expectations of you. Show you care. That’s what makes it all work.

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