This may be my shortest post ever. I just can’t recall the last time I used a printed on paper, floppy, big, heavy, and real honest-to-goodness phonebook! I was searching Google for a naturopathic doctor and kept coming up with,,, citysearch, and many more individual search portal type sites. I know some of these sites come up specific to whatever you are searching for like Craigslist or Angie’s list.

I wonder when the phone companies will actually stop killing trees to print those huge books and tossing them on door steps and lawns?

My granddaughter (born in 2012) will never know what it will have been to have to rely on those bundles of wood pulp directories. And that doesn’t bother me at all.

One thought on “Do People Still Use Phonebooks?

  1. Well I for one, your son, also do not miss the phonebook days. Nearly everything now is available on the web. And the web can give you more information, such as direction, hours, pictures, websites, and much more. then you can also find reviews and feedback on them too.

    Goodby phonebook. 🙂

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