Review Season 4: Westworld – “In a perfect world…”

I have begun many sentences with the words, “In a perfect world…” and after watching Westworld it occurs to me that I wouldn’t want a perfect world.

Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Westworld were my favorites. And I had sooo been looking forward to season 4! But, UGH!

Link to the season 4 episode list:

After viewing the last episode of season 4, this will be the last year I watch Westworld.

I’m giving up on the series, as I feel the story has completely taken a turn for the worse.

If it were a perfect world lonely
Be happy no matter what!

Have you been watching? What’s your take on season 4?

Season 3 had introduced Caleb (played by Aaron Paul, whom you may remember from Breaking Bad), to our delight! Aaron really impressed us during Breaking Bad, and we’d missed him. His character started off quite strong in Westworld too! But alas, by season 4, though Aaron’s acting was intense, the story just didn’t hold up for him. I was disappointed right off the bat, actually, but I stuck with the season to see if there might be another twist. Nope! And I don’t care for what the writers did to the stories of other characters either! Evan Rachel Wood lacked the depth, and good-nature of prior seasons (perhaps that was the point?), as there’s no humanity left! And Ed Harris’ “new” character was even worse to watch.

I guess we continued watching mostly for Thandiwe Newton and Jeffrey Wright’s storylines. Both actors continued playing their roles, though even their stories seemed to be weaker in season 4 than in past seasons.

Series seasons should build and improve upon characters’ strength and resilience, not let them fall flat. Sad.

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to go anything like Westworld has, I don’t think I’m going to be interested in it either.

Anyway, I just wanted to sum up where I’m at with this series since I’d written a little about it before:

That’s a wrap!

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Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

I loved the many Bohemian Rhapsody movie reviews I’ve read from my WordPress community! I haven’t written any movie reviews until… now! 😉

The following are my notes, written from that emotionally charged place (the goal of all filmmakers–to get you in touch with your emotions), after leaving the theater yesterday:

Initial thoughts after leaving the theater:

The emotion of it just hit me. I need some time…

Just beautiful! Really. Go see it! 😭❤️🦋🌀

20 minutes after:

As a long time fan of Queen since my teenage years, I loved it! And hubby (a musician, but not a long-time fan) loved it too, from story, acting, digital production, musicianship, music business, band family, etc.

Bohemian Rhapsody the movie was sooooo well done. Wembley is so amazing! My heart went right out of my chest! Freddie, Rami Malek was aWEsOMe!!! ❤️❤️❤️

An hour after:

The reporter scene is haunting me. Why the need to focus on Freddie? Get into his head? Psychoanalyze him? Ugh! An important moment that I hope people pay attention to the effects of all that. The production of that scene, oh!

Obviously, still processing this. Just go see it. ❤️😘

Three hours after:

Freddie’s sexuality and disease were handled with care, empathy, and compassion, and not exploited. In fact, the interview scene continues to haunt me.

The Wembley stadium Live Aid concert was amazing!!!

The film was more than accessible, highly engaging, and ultimately a profound story of unconditional friendship and love (of which. I feel Freddie approves). ❤️🦋🌀

12 hours after:

I awoke in the middle of the night with Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls song playing in my head and wondering why, since Brian May wrote it, not Freddie.

I recall that as I dropped off to sleep, I’d been thinking about how many of Queen’s hit songs were written by Freddie.

I remembered the God bumps I had powerfully received during the movie.

Perhaps, as Freddie and the band said, they were “Family.”

Freddie wrote songs to connect people. As he said, he was a performer. Ah, I think he was a connector.

My mind swirls, I am unsettled.

Is this the real life?

Nothing really matters.

–Lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody

Hours pass:

Thoughts twirl.

Are we dancing on the edge of perception?

No judgment.

Just observing. Always observing.

From an emotionally unsettled place. OM


We Are The Champions. 🎼🎶🎵💋

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