Have you ever experienced sitting in a room, perhaps you’re laying on a treatment table and you are alone, no phone, or anything to do but enjoy and meditate, and then you notice people talking in another room or out in the hallway?

Does this intrigue or annoy you?

Or, have you ever been meditating and someone interrupts you?

Did you love shows such as The Twilight Zone, Mystery Science Theater (on the radio), or books by Edgar Alan Poe?

Do you have a passion for lucid dreaming?

This page will examine all the ways in which we hear crosstalk. Similar to hearing people’s voices in another room, or a voice bleeds into your meditation, crosstalk can occur to you from others who exist Beyond The Veil too!

Here are some of the messages I’ve received:

Always loving from the heart. Always transforming as the butterfly. And honoring change. It’s ALL Energy, as the vortex represents. Seek Balance, as the yin and. yang. In Gratitude, with hand together to Connect.
Always opening and expanding with less fear. The root of every desire, action, purchase, belief, etc. is either Love or Fear. When people “get that” they will have found an easy way to discern Everything. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, kiss.
Any argument creates separation.
An Everyday Shaman. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, hands together, sun, rain drops, young plant.
Because you can’t put “woo woo” in a box. Integrated Spiral. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, treble clef, hands together, and peace.
I Am BRIDGING Heaven and Earth. Daily. Moment by moment. It is what it is. I am what I am. Let it Be.
The best gifts are the ones you don’t expect.
Calm the water. No matter the cause of ripple or wave. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, wave, fire, hands together, peace.
You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, happy face and hands open, wink.
There is a gentle way you can bring ease and healing to your body. And it’s as close to you as your breath. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, and yin yang.
Even Nicodemus didn’t understand with ALL of his learning. But as Jesus spoke, he felt the sovereignty of God.
We have to be brave when we are wrong.
Breathing SPIRIT til we FEEL (in our Body Temple) aligned with our SOUL… Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, treble clef, hands together, yin yang.
Amen. Namaste. OM. Symbols: Heart, butterfly, spiral, hands together, peace.