Blessed and Grateful

(I’m singing) I am so glad I am so blessed. I am so grateful for all that I am. I am so blessed.

That’s usually the song we sing at the end of every Reiki circle. So that’s why (I said what I said before) about last week when Victoria played the song “You are so beautiful” (it really struck a different chord with me). Tonight, I asked her who sang that. Whose version of that song was that? And she said, Jordan–a man. It’s a gentleman singing it but she said you wouldn’t know, would you? And I said no, I was thinking it was Christina Aguilera. Or, Adele singing that song. I just knew it was a person I hadn’t heard before. I could not place the voice. And no, I have not heard of the gentleman named Jordan Smith.

I found it on YouTube and here’s the link:

I tell you every Tuesday night Reiki is just a new experience. It feels like I know part of that’s because we have new folks that come sometimes the same people don’t come every week or every circle. And we won’t be back now for two more weeks. We’re now moving to a new schedule of every week. We’ll meet on the first Tuesday of every month and the third Tuesday of every month. So all right, well, and again, I’ll post the link to meet up so that you have that if you’re anywhere in the St Pete Bradenton Sarasota area of Florida, or within a reasonable drive. I know sometimes five miles through Bradenton, Sarasota, and Palmetto can take a lot of time. It just depends on traffic. (Not that I am complaining as we love to see new people moving to Florida.) We are grateful.

More people moving to Florida

I am so grateful for more people moving to Florida because that’s just more people to connect with, exchange and share ideas with, and learn from. Victoria gave me a beautiful blessing tonight and implanted a thought in my head about starting a new business and having clients so and while most of you know that I did run a program a couple of years ago during the ‘demic times I had put together something called, Integrated Spiral but now I’m renaming and rebranding it, Integrating the Spirals because it’s more than one spiral.

Going round in spiral circles to learn lessons

We often go round and round the circle until we learn our lessons and break patterns. We have to repeat certain things in our life It seems like several times before we get them. So that’s part of where this comes from, as well as integrating because we’re always balancing. We’re dancing with nature and the universe and you know, the religious upbringing that we don’t always agree with 100% of the time, I don’t think I’ve talked with anyone who subscribes to us a particular religion or a specific church or faith that agrees with 100% It’s just like politics. You pick the people that you like, based on usually at least some of the topics of the issues of the day, right that you’re on their side. But you may not agree with 100% of who that person is and how they behaved things. They say stuff they tweet, you know.

We often have our issues with politics and religion and don’t agree with everything they believe in

So we all have our issues and we have our issues with different people, different religions, different issues. Yeah, I mean, it could be anything right? It could be the country you live in the state you live in the city you live in. I mean, it seems like there’s no perfect fit. It’s not like we’re Goldilocks, or we might be Goldilocks, and we run around trying on different things. But that’s why I tend not to use the word perfect or perfection because I really don’t believe in it. I don’t think that would be a utopia and this world. This earth is not meant to be a utopia. This is a school where we all have an opportunity to learn. Unless we’re a captive, you know, we have an opportunity to learn, and even a captive.

I’ve often thought what’s the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life? And people have asked that question, you know, icebreakers and stuff like that and I always go to being held captive or in bondage or tortured that kind of thing. Because, obviously, a person in that situation and I pray for those every single day you know, that’s, that’s always like a mission like a bottom line prayer. I’m gonna say every single day that I’m alive and I’m free because I value freedom so much. I’m always praying for the releasing of the hostages releasing of those in bondage releasing of those that have been kidnapped and you know, that kind of thing. I just have a heart for anybody that’s trapped and I know exactly where that comes from because my mother for many years felt trapped. So that was something that she worked on in her life, you know, was released that and for her, the end anyway, of her life was Alzheimer’s. So she just let go of her mind. And she wasn’t trapped anymore, right? Because she didn’t have the mindset around being trapped. Um, but anyway, I know that was a spiral thought.


I value freedom (and choice) above every other value I have. Every other virtue I can think of, because I’ve already come to terms with the truth and lies, and I see those as the yin and yang, the black and the white, the right side of the coin, the left side of the coin, you know, everything is truth, if you turn it round enough times and you change your perspective on it, and that’s why in Integrating the Spirals I have classes where I teach little tips, tricks, tactics if you will, strategies for doing that and it can really help you, at least mentally and logically, think through some issues and be able to release a lot of tension,release a lot of aggravation, and release a lot of judgment. And in fact, you won’t even judge it anymore once you work these processes and especially if you practice them. Releases come as we with the mirror ball.

As we work with the mirror ball there’s a specific process I take folks through on how to work with it to look at a situation from many different perspectives. And in the end, it’s really cool, but I won’t give it away here. And then one of the other tools we work with is a kaleidoscope and I’ve been starting to hear some people mention kaleidoscopes in their work and in their programs just in the last couple of years.

Putting it in the zeitgeist

So I definitely think it’s in the zeitgeist. I think a tool we played with as a child, we put it down. Most never picked it up again. I never did until my eldest granddaughter asked me when she was very young for a kaleidoscope. I had forgotten all about it too. But now I’m using it in the sessions that I have with Integrating the Spirals. And I’ve got to tell you that it’s so profound and powerful this work because we all have some sort of like at the bottom of all of our fears and phobias and anxieties and distrust and doubts and negative self-talk and all of that is always like this feeling of unworthiness or being broken.

When you work with the kaleidoscope, you realize that all of these broken pieces, and I’m giving you a nugget here from the sessions, that’s one of the realizations that you have all those broken pieces are what you’re able to use and different ways to look through that kaleidoscope and see different patterns and some of the neat things that you may perceive and take away from that work is that we’re play if you will, is the fact that there’s always a different pattern. And none of those patterns are wrong because art is always imperfect. There’s no perfection in art. Another thing that my eldest granddaughter taught me when she was about five I think. Yeah. And again, it just confirmed and validated for me why I didn’t use the word perfection.

No Perfection in Art

I’ve never used that and have never been hung up on it. But I know a lot of people who have and so working with the Kaleidoscope and the mirror ball and some of the other tools that I have one of which is communing with trees as well. Getting getting you back to nature even if you’re divorced from nature, and you hate nature. You know there’s still a way to work with nature and commune with the trees. Of course, I developed this after we got back from Ireland in 2019. So I have a lot of tools at my disposal and now with Reiki and completing my master’s and Reiki this April. I do feel that I have a lot to offer. And I don’t know if it will replace my current daily income. But I know that it’s something that my heart it’s my heart’s desires to really help people. If possible, we can at least release some of the items and issues that we keep repeating in our lives and you know, hopefully, these tools, tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies. These classes will help you release and let go of some of those. I don’t think we ever get out. You know, having accomplished it all. Abraham Hicks says, you know, we’re always happily incomplete. We’ll never get it done. And that is supposed to help us release some of this efforting and some of this feeling as well, we have to get everything done on our task list before we leave the earth. Abraham just says that’s not going to happen–getting it all done. So if you can just work on one today–great! Just release that, let it go and be the “I am” in this moment, utterly grateful, happily and blissfully–incomplete. Namaste.

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

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