I’m singing along with The Greens. Singing Mercy Found Room For Me. Mercy found room for me. That’s right. Mercy is how I describe, when I was so emotional, I just felt like it was my dad talking to me and mercy found room for me. Mercy found room for my dad and mercy will find room for each of you.

I had to stop and pick up my nettle tea which is fantastic for any breathing kind of issues that you have going on. Or even if you have a cold or something or allergies, and the other one I love is Pau D’Arco. This is for you, Mama. I love you so much. My mom was drinking Pau D’Arco tea years and years before she passed. She had found it so detoxifying and cleansing for the body and helpful. It wasn’t until a couple years ago, maybe even in within this last year, I found it to be so helpful though.

Oh! I’m always open to receive; I’m open to see from mom, dad, and my ancestors whose blood runs through my veins. I hug myself and I honor you. I thank you for all the gifts that you’ve given me and continue to give me and some of you I’ll see you soon. So, I love you. Love, love, love, love is what it’s all about. Let’s not spend a moment more in sadness or grief or arguing or disagreeing. Okay?

Love is everywhere. Love is where it’s at. From what I’ve seen in my experiences, when our human body dies, we meet our creator. And in that moment the only words I’ll want to say is, Thank YOU!

I’ve seen it in my visions. Those two words are ALL I say! Thank YOU! I’ve told you this before. But they mean so much. We say them so flippantly and so easily to people and we say this phrase without meaning it but when we face our Creator and when I face my Creator I know what I’m gonna say. Those two words. Thank you. Thank you Thank you for EVERYTHING.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

6 thoughts on “Driving thoughts

  1. Love is all there is, Sheila. I so agree. I am giving Nettle tea and Haritaki to our cats and myself with great results! I have no teas or remedies handed down to me yet I have a Gift to follow my Guidance. How fortunate you did. Merry Christmas!! xoxo

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