What’s confusing about tracing one’s lineage and roots is that first, there are differing dates of birth and death, then there are tons of misspelled names (some we know may have wanted to spell their names differently), and then some family members named their children after older family members or cousins! It’s a tangled web we weave!

I’m still sorting this out and exploring various websites to determine correct names, spelling, dates, and locations. But here is a glimpse into what I started with.

The following is from my mom’s side of the family:

Oldest comment I found lists James Cole (Coale) b.1600 highgate london d.16

And shows he was not married to the Lobel woman but Mary Tibbes daughter of John Tibbes and Margaret Harris.

If you share an ancestor, reach out to me and we can compare notes. Comment below, or reach out to me via Facebook, Instagram, or email me at: sheila(dot)murrey(at)gmail.com

Sgt. Hugh Cole relationship to me through my dad’s side of the family.

The thing that’s seemed odd to me was that I started researching my mother’s side of the family and found that not only did her lineage trace back to James Cole but so did my father’s ancestry! Albeit through different people. Have many people had this experience when they trace their roots?

This is how I am related to James Cole of Plymouth Colony

My direct lineage is also written about on this wiki: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cole-18598

There’s more information about the James Cole lineage on this blog also: https://dbrousseau.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/92/

I can imagine what I’ll learn as I dig into my ancestry now that I am a confirmed member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

I honor ALL of my ancestors everyday. As it is because of them that I am here, enjoying this amazing journey called, LIFE!

I invite you to learn more about my specific mission to deliver wellness solutions to improve the overall well-being of my family, friends, and clients by clicking on the menu links at the top of this page.

Much love and many blessings in ALL ways.

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