Review Season 4: Westworld – “In a perfect world…”

I have begun many sentences with the words, “In a perfect world…” and after watching Westworld it occurs to me that I wouldn’t want a perfect world.

Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Westworld were my favorites. And I had sooo been looking forward to season 4! But, UGH!

Link to the season 4 episode list:

After viewing the last episode of season 4, this will be the last year I watch Westworld.

I’m giving up on the series, as I feel the story has completely taken a turn for the worse.

If it were a perfect world lonely
Be happy no matter what!

Have you been watching? What’s your take on season 4?

Season 3 had introduced Caleb (played by Aaron Paul, whom you may remember from Breaking Bad), to our delight! Aaron really impressed us during Breaking Bad, and we’d missed him. His character started off quite strong in Westworld too! But alas, by season 4, though Aaron’s acting was intense, the story just didn’t hold up for him. I was disappointed right off the bat, actually, but I stuck with the season to see if there might be another twist. Nope! And I don’t care for what the writers did to the stories of other characters either! Evan Rachel Wood lacked the depth, and good-nature of prior seasons (perhaps that was the point?), as there’s no humanity left! And Ed Harris’ “new” character was even worse to watch.

I guess we continued watching mostly for Thandiwe Newton and Jeffrey Wright’s storylines. Both actors continued playing their roles, though even their stories seemed to be weaker in season 4 than in past seasons.

Series seasons should build and improve upon characters’ strength and resilience, not let them fall flat. Sad.

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to go anything like Westworld has, I don’t think I’m going to be interested in it either.

Anyway, I just wanted to sum up where I’m at with this series since I’d written a little about it before:

That’s a wrap!

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What Love, Like, and Westworld have in common

I awoke from a dream.

My mother and I had been visiting. I had been talking with her and fitting her with a dress for some special occasion. My daughter/granddaughter was asleep in the next room.

At some point my mother’s acute hearing turned to the bedroom and she quickly made her way to the door, opened it, and caught my daughter/granddaughter quietly playing on the floor, next to the nightlight.

My daughter ran across the bed, to the adjacent bathroom, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs because mom was going to whip her.

From my now vantage point, it was terrorizing! I wanted to intervene, but I was frozen in stillness.

After I woke up, I had to analyze the dream, and write it down because in an instant I became the clockmaker. The clockmaker god of my own Westworld.

We can love someone, yet not like them.

We can love someone and not always like them. ❤️🦋🌀〰️


How is that possible?

Love is always unconditional if it’s truly love.

Liking someone, it seems to follow, is about Control.

In the case of my daughter, she had not went to sleep when my mother put her to bed. She disobeyed.

Mom’s need to control her led to a whipping which meant none of us would fall asleep naturally happy or at ease.

All my daughter had wanted was to listen to mom and I talk, and would have fallen asleep on the floor, not really hurting anything. However, my mom had a different expectation.

Thus, when my daughter didn’t adhere to my mother’s expectation, mom viewed it as disobedience and the thrashing ensued. Oh, my poor daughter! “Mom don’t”—I wanted to yell.

In the series, Westworld, Creator god makes each person with a bit of him in them, or in his image.

How are we making ourselves, and our children?