Detox and drainage

Possibilities to help detox and drain


Walk in the sand and gain electrons from the earth, (Jared Pollack’s work) movement increases our energy and vibrancy.


Wake up half hour earlier and go outside and walk in the sun, even if it’s cloudy, barefoot when possible.

Getting bare skin on the earth, hydrating, and 20 minutes of sunshine everyday can do wonders for anyone’s health.


Exercise and contraction of the movement is good, but getting physical touch, and earth is so important.

Peptides, according to Dr. Jay Davidson purifies and benefits RNA/DNA. It can mimic intermittant fasting effects. This can support the heart.

Spiral Thought: What if the heart as a rhythm conductor, instead of a pump? We know the extraordinary benefits of heart-brain coherence!

Drainage funnel

What order do we want to drain and detox in?

We want to unclog the bottom of funnel first! So, make sure you’re pooping – ensure colon is ready for a detox.

See all designs at:

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (or TUDCA), is a natural bile fluid produced by the liver. But humans don’t make this. Yet interestingly, Black bears make a lot of TUDCA.

As a supplement, TUDCA could offer benefits to the brain, liver, nervous system, eye (retina), and more. Studies and research are ongoing, but more human trials are needed. TUDCA’s potential is exciting because of its neuro-supportive and liver bioavailability.

The liver and bile duct system (if that’s backed up) allow toxins to go into the blood stream. We want to keep these systems working well.

Lymphatic system – if you’re experiencing brain fog it could mean your brain needs to drain.

Questions for you

Have you tried Mita Restore (helps mitochondria), or Bioactive Carbon Metchem (binds onto pesticides/herbacides)? (Found on the following websites:

I’m planning on doing this after doing Elena’s detox if I need it, but I would love to hear from you, and the results you obtained.

The detox methods I’m doing

As for the detox I mentioned of Elena’s I’m starting, you can read about it here:

I am continuing—twice a year—to do (and highly recommend) the Sacred Science food and herbs protocol that I wrote about previously:

I also continue to take redox molecules, daily. Reach out to me for more information about that, as I know longer promote the products publicly.

UPDATE 12/15/21:

I did Elena’s 2-day digestive system cleanse! WOW! This cleanse left me feeling amazing after it was done! I will link to it here:

UPDATE 1/15/22:

I have completed Elena’s liver cleanse protocol too. It was more intense than I thought, because you fast (by drinking only water, fresh juices, and tea) for 3 days, and run to the restroom a lot! Thankfully, there’s no cramping or other ill effects! But let’s just say, coconut oil is needed after wiping because your rear gets sore. Ugh!

Now, I see why many prefer colonics! But I did lose 5 pounds, as this liver cleanse begins with a small intestine cleanse, then after the liver cleanse, completing with a digestive cleanse.

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Times I nearly died

Ran over

Was run over by dad’s car when I was a toddler!

Yes, I was playing in the driveway and the car rolled over me, while mom watched in horror from the porch. She said I ducked as the “pumpkin” of the car went over my head. Mom said dad turned white as a sheet! I didn’t get a scratch.

Almost fell out of a moving car

Another car incident happened when mom set the clothes basket between her and I. I think she was tired or annoyed with me over something.

I opened the car door and nearly fell out! but mom was quickly able to reach over and grab my winter coat, which saved me! When she retold that story, she said she’d been upset with me and put the basket in between us! She never did that again.

Forced field landing

In the late 1980s, I had began working for a very prestigious private aeronautical university. One of our instructor pilots, offered to let me ride along while she took a student pilot on a “prog check,” which is a progress check on their flying. Flight students go through a lot of these kinds of “checks” during their years of training.

Anyway, on this particular prog check, we all wore headsets (and this is key), and the student puts the plane through a series of maneuvers. At one point during our flight, I heard my friend ask the student to sight a field large enough to land because we had lost an engine.

The student found a field and the instructor, my friend, said it was appropriate. I was beginning to sweat.

When my friend announced that we had lost our second engine, and that the student was to start his steps to initiate a forced field landing, I literally said my prayers, and thanks for all my family, children, etc.

My first granddaughter and I holding hands

Something in that moment told me to lift one side of my headset though.

Thankfully, what I heard shocked and surprised me! The plane’s engines were running!!

And that’s the story I always tell to new hires or those that I train on a job, to make sure WE personally check our projects progress, before we panic and believe some external indication that there’s a problem. Usually, there’s no real problem, it’s only one perception.

I’m sure glad we actually didn’t have to land that plane in a field though!

Funny what we think about when we think we might die. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

Spinning out

When my daughter was 16 or so, I had let her drive us back from Orlando on I-4 in Florida. It was raining and the tires on my car were nearing time to be replaced. She was going about 70mph and had the cruise control on.

Seemingly, for no reason, the car started to spin out of control! We literally turned 360 degrees, in the middle of the highway!

We ended up inches from a tree on the side of the road. My daughter was overcome with emotion when she looked over and saw I had not had my seatbelt on. And I felt like it was a miracle we had not hit the tree. We were able to get back on the road and I drove us home. But we learned never to drive using the cruise control when it’s raining!

Flu in 2005

The summer of 2005, I was sooo sick that my husband insisted on taking me to the Emergency Room (ER) of our local hospital. It was there that the two nurses who attended to me told me, “You can’t get the flu in the summer.” But, I tell you, I had the worst flu I had ever had in my life!

I felt so bad, I thought I would die! I coughed so hard and so much, I peed blood, and was given an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection (UTI), though I had no other symptoms of that (and I have had plenty in my life to know what they feel like.

I detail all of this in my book, Take It Upon Yourself to Live a Wholly Vibrant Life!

Flu in 2019

Just after arriving home from Ireland, December 19, 2019, I experienced some weird kind of flu.

My husband teased me a bit, that I had picked up some sickness from that neolithic tomb I had been in! Ugh. (But he really did take good nursing care of me while I was ill.)

I carried a fever for a whole weekend and couldn’t taste my food. But because I do Qigong and Breathwork, I never felt I had to gasp for air.

My back hurt from whatever coughing I had done though, and that was different for me. That was the part I thought was strange about the whole situation.

A friend, who’s now an herbalist, brought me over her special blend of tea. I was to steep it in a boiling pot of water, drape a towel over my head and stand over the pot, head hanging over, to inhale the vapor. I’m sure grateful for caring friends! (If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to build strong relationships!)

I also took Mullein (which is excellent to ease coughs, and people don’t talk about it enough!), vitamin C, and zinc. And drank my water from a copper mug. I rinsed my nostrils and sinuses out daily with a bit of buffered salt and neti pot. And I doubled up on the redox molecules we take.

Something worked, because within about 10 days began feeling better. I can’t tell you what I had or my process, as the doc (yes, I eventually got checked at a walk-in clinic), never tested me, and the public didn’t know about Coronavirus at that time.

Suffice to say, our cabinets are stocked, and have been all through 2020-2021, but gratefully acknowledging we have been fine.

I often wonder about that old saying, “When your time is up, it’s up”!

It’s okay to move on

It is okay to move on.


To the GLORIOUS Grand Beyond!

Time is a man-made construct. An illusion.

Our purpose is to live a life of joy!

Go with your innate Flow and everything God has in store for you will come to you. Actually God is LIMITLESS but we think we are limited so lots of blessings pass right on by us. We must pray that we can be open to receive MORE.

In every breath, thought, and action we honor our LIMITLESS, Ever-Living, Filling-ALL-Space, Creator, Source, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, God!!!

We really never know when it’s our time to move on.

Amen! Namaste. OM

Many blessings to you in ALL ways.

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