Integrated Spiral

Integrated Spiral Philosophy & Self-Coaching DE-Program I have been meditating on a new brand name for a few months now, and as of November 25th, 2020 it plopped into my mind, Integrated Spiral! Ah, the treble clef 🎼 incorporates the spiral 🌀 and is one of the most well known music symbols too! And guess … Continue reading Integrated Spiral

Holistic Health Resources

Here are the links to those I most highly recommend: ACEP Energy Magazine Affordable Acupuncture by Joan (South Carolina) Agape – Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Alania Starhawk – We Believe In Light Anthony Profeta – Music & Meditation Apple Annie Aquarian Dreams Autism Hope Alliance Awakening Into The Sun (Annual event: first weekend of March) Awakening … Continue reading Holistic Health Resources

Take It Upon Yourself (TIUY) Store

Welcome to Sheila’s online store! Thank you for taking a few minutes to look at our “Take It Upon Yourself” (TIUY) Store! Original designs Check out original “Take It Upon Yourself” designs, which you can order in a variety of ways, as: t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, pillows, phone and tablet cases. Find all of these … Continue reading Take It Upon Yourself (TIUY) Store

Original songs

Original songs – music and lyrics This page holds links to all of the original songs – music and lyrics written by Richard Murrey, unless otherwise noted. Click on each title to listen. The lyrics follow the list, so keep scrolling. You can tune into us on Vimeo (we have multiple videos) here: Each … Continue reading Original songs


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Sheila in Glastonbury, England.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sheila, your Spiral Sister. I became a full-time computer specialist in 1987, and been writing software documentation since the early 1990s. I’ve been writing blog articles on the side since 2004 and maintaining this blog since 2011.

When I’m not working, I spend my time researching holistic health remedies, writing two blogs, creating and marketing original new music with my husband, facilitating small groups, creating digital courses and t-shirt designs, as well as crafting a metaphysical book–due out in 2022.

I also enjoy video chats with our ten year old granddaughter (and four year old twin granddaughters as well–when the eldest lets them). Kids! You know I love them. (To quote a favorite movie line.)

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