Integration Diet: 4 weeks into the 7 week Herbal Detox

7 Week Herbal Detox with KP Khalsa

4 weeks into my herbal detox

So, I’m 4 weeks into this 7 week TEST OF WILL, yes, that’s exactly what this is… and I can tell you, I’ve never been so pleased to eat a few almonds, and basmati rice with Ghee!!!

Read why here.

I am loving all the herbs on this detox, except Triphala. I hate Triphala with a great hate! Hahahaha! Just kidding. Well, no, actually I’m not kidding. But I have know-ticed that it is getting easier to suck it down. That is until I worked my way up to taking 8 grams. Then it sucked again. But the results have been amazing!

Basmati rice, arugula, spinach, parsley, celery, and Swiss chard. Splash of coconut aminos too.

My digestive system is really working well. I could set my watch by my morning poop. Ha! But I don’t wear a watch. I have an iPhone. 🤣

And I’ve released about 14 pounds in 4 weeks, which is extremely encouraging! I lost 16 pounds prior to the start of this detox, for a total of 30. And I’m thrilled! I have more to release, so I’ll probably extend my detox and modify the diet a bit (because it is getting boring not eating salt, dairy, eggs, beef, chocolate, sugar, nutritional yeast, protein bars, peanut butter, berries, smoothies, creole spices, tequila and wine). I’ll take it easy though, and consume those sparingly, now that I know I can live without them. ❤️😉

If you are interested in learning more about this program or The Sacred Science, you can Connect with them here:

Also, be sure to watch The Trees movie on their site. I shared a link to it on my Facebook group too:

Be well, everyone.


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