After Tuesday night Reiki circle: Feb 21

Driving home from Reiki circle tonight. Tonight’s circle is a free Tuesday night healing session.

Each week we discuss one subject

Every time we sit in a circle and each time there’s a specific topic.

Spiral thought: I love to record (while driving) obviously for my blog but for myself even too. So I remember and I kind of go ahead and imprint that into the cells of my body, the subject that we spoke about.

So the subject tonight was spirituality. Huge subject I know and one that of course, I can ‘spiral thought‘ about it in all kinds of ways I don’t even recall exactly what I said. Because when we had our turn to speak about what the word meant to us, we introduced ourselves first, and then we could mention why we were there or how we came to be in the circle. And how we met our Reiki master Victoria, or anything else we want to share, and then talk about what the word means to us. Well, tonight, of course, the word is spirituality. I didn’t want to have any preconceived notions on what to say.


Probably had I given it very much thought I would have said the spiral symbolizes spirituality for me especially now after 2019 and coming to know more about the petroglyphs, markings, and engravings on the walls of the ancient burial temple/burial chamber of Newgrange but also the rocks, giant boulders–the huge neolithic stones of Newgrange and Knowth.

So, the spiral is one of the most ancient symbols and to me, the word spiral is encased and enshrined in the words spirit and spirituality. I know that that’s where they take spires from as well and there’s usually always a spire on top of a cathedral or a church, a house of worship. So there’s that.

When I say spiral thoughts about spirituality, I can go off in many different directions with it. Its spirituality can be a belief system. A way of life. It’s how you interact with what’s external to you. So you may believe this idea that we’re spirit and we’re clothed or wrapped in human tissue. We’re Spirit coming to earth to live and experience life in this earthly body or vessel or temple. And so we’re constantly aware of our environment and surroundings. We’re aware of nature. We’re open to nature. And I know that I spoke about being open which was one of a part of my answer about what I think spirituality is. Or how do I view that turn spirituality it’s also about learning and growing and practicing, because I can read about something all day long, but if I never bring it in, if I don’t open to it and allow it to come into me, and become intimate with it and integrate it into my physicality. I’m not experiencing it. And so to do that, for me, it becomes a practice or it needs to become a practice.

An example, breathwork

So breathwork is an example. Spirit is breath. Breath is Spirit. This is the ether that surrounds us all. It’s like if you were fish, the water would be what surrounds you, but we’re, we’re air-breathing creatures, mammals. So the air is our ether. It’s what surrounds us. So we’re breathing spirit in with every breath. And then as we exhale, we’re exhaling chemically something different compounds, you know, breathing in oxygen, nitrogen we’re breathing out carbon dioxide. So technically what we’re breathing in is different than what we’re breathing out. And just remember from elementary school that trees were the opposite. They would breathe in, what we breathe out, and then they would give us or add to the oxygen in our environment.

Symbiotic nature

So we’ve got this symbiotic nature. Sadhguru says that trees are the other half of our lungs. For that very reason. Right? So I breathe in. What the tree breathes out, the tree breathes then when I breathe out, pretty cool. So we’re interacting, or we’re the yin and yang. with nature. And specifically trees in my example, but you know, it can be any living thing and I believe even the rocks are living. Because I’ve experienced a real I’ve had relationship with various rocks and stones crystals. So it’s not just the things that have a pulse that is alive. Or the things like trees that have Sapt running through them.

So it’s not just about blood, water, a liquid something inside of something that makes it alive. But I do think there’s a consciousness involved in all living things. I don’t think my opinion is that if something isn’t alive, there’s no consciousness. So I know part of my answer tonight was expanding consciousness.

If we are alive, and we’re always in this interactive dance spirit, by the act of breathing, then spirituality is us becoming conscious and aware of the dance of the symbiotic relationship. So we can keep this minimal or we can go as deep with this as you want. But I would be curious about what you write in the comments. What your idea of spirituality is, you know, is it a philosophy? Is it a practice? Is it awareness? Is it consciousness? Do you agree that yeah, we can decide to close off from it if we want to, you know, out of fear some people do?

Let’s say when you’re a child, and you’re scared of the dark at night, and the monster in the closet, that kind of thing, the monster under the bed, you know, there’s still adults that won’t sleep with because I’ve had this experience myself where as an adult, I wouldn’t sleep with my hand overhanging over the edge of the bed. I mean, that just seems like such a silly fear to have. But there’s still some element to something being under the bed. I mean, the stuff of scary movies, right?

Fear is in the mind

I don’t know why it’s almost like as a human, we have to, if we’re not scared of things where we don’t have fear, then we go about doing things to create it. And so whether that’s an action of the mind so that there’s always the yin and yang there’s always the push-pull. There’s always contrast in our mind to keep the brain working and alive. I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me because it seems like a lot of times we make up unfounded fears, just to keep ourselves on our toes, and to keep our senses or to keep ourselves challenged.


I’ll come back around to Spirituality. When we are with a group of people agree with, ah! What a feeling! We agree that spirituality is more than religion. It transcends religion. You don’t need religion as an organization of thought, or structure or ritual, ritualistic practices, certain dates on the calendar, things like that, which puts structure around spirituality. But spirituality in and of itself is just like the act of breathing. It’s just there. It’s always there. In hours of meditation I learned that spirit was all there was at the beginning of time at the beginning of creation. It is said if you have a void and then you have something created within the void, I mean, the void by definition is void. So how can matter exist in it? Just popping into existence in a void doesn’t happen scientifically anyway, so they say well, it was the spirit, spirit input, a spirit entered the void.

Spirit put the first matter into that space, which is the dot. You know, there was the one, and the one split and became two, and then the two forms and there were three. It’s like the first cell. When the first cell split and then create from the two, they create the third and so on.

Yeah, like I said, I can have spiral thoughts about spirituality because I see it as internal breathing in, so I’m internalizing spirit. I am spirit. And then I am externalizing spirit, by my growth, by my awareness of witnessing my growth and also being committed to a series of practices that exemplify or that display. My spirituality might be putting my hands in prayer position, lighting a candle, saying a prayer, singing a praise song. Performing an act of kindness, random act of kindness, or giving, donating something, tithing. You know, all those are outward gestures of the inner spiritual belief system and the inner spirituality. I mean, I can have a belief system all day long, but if I don’t believe in my belief system, and I don’t act from it, then I’m not you know, portraying or displaying my spirituality, right? So my spirituality might be completely different than what my religion is, or, you know, the tactics that one says that I’m supposed to use to be quote-unquote, “be good,” whatever the religion is, you know, a good Catholic, a good Christian, Muslim a good Buddhist whatever, right?

In closing

So I thought I’d share this tonight with you and get some feedback from you and see what your thoughts are about it and open this can of worms I know that I’ve written a lot about omniscience before about God about different religions that I do or don’t agree with. So spirituality is much more free-flowing. Yes, we shall say free flowing and just like the breath, there’s an ebb and a flow to it. And you can observe it or you can choose to run from it and hide from it. if it’s something that you fear. Just like the sun, it’s always there. we just may have our back turned toward it. And as the Earth vows to the sun eastward, I bow to the east, every morning and give thanks for the sun for you and our connectedness.

And with that, I will close. Much love, many blessings, and always Peace.

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Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.

Be the best version of who you want to be–because if you’re reading my words your soul is probably beckoning you to align with it and live up to your highest ideals. Not perfect because who is perfect? Most stagnate or ‘get stuck’ while on their way to being whatever they think perfection is. Making progress is enough. Carrying your Karma lightly is enough. Be kind to yourself while living responsibly. Who you ARE affects us ALL. We Are All Connected.

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