Continued… Everything Resolves to Gratitude

Everything Resolves to Gratitude (Again)

After my dad’s passing, transition to the Grand Beyond, or his “Celebration Day” (March 2019), I continue to get little “winks” from him that “All is okay” on the other side of The Veil. And that makes me smile.

And since my mom’s crossing over beyond The Veil, I’ve had visitations from her! Thus, “I Know,” have become words I say often when referring to life on the Other Side.

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Everything Resolves to Gratitude

I love teaching large and complex topics: like we’re part of God, or different leaves on a tree. And when I want to observe MORE, I take my shoes off (as I did when we laid my parents to rest recently in my home state:

When I hugged the boxes that held each of my parents’ remains, I tried to say, “I love you eternally,” but my voice was stunted. I couldn’t eek out the words! But I knew, they knew, and that was ALL that mattered. My intention reverberated throughout space and time in that single MOMENT.

We are all one with God

Now, and for some time, I’ve felt we are “fractals of Omniscience” and I have often spoke about that concept. But when I hear people say, “We Are All One” it really magnifies that point.

I soulfully love the practice of imagining the fractal though, as it points out that “as above, so below” insofar as we are created in the same fashion as our Creator, and we beget, in the same design. A fractal is defined as:

Definition of fractal:

Everything Everywhere

Check out the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and you may begin to see what I’m referring to when I say, we’re a part of Everything happening all at the same time. We’re limitless.

The ocean are drops of water, all over the planet–even underneath the earth’s crust.

A fractal of Omniscience

As a fractal of Omniscience, designed into Spirit, Soul, Mind (the Infinite and Unified Field), and Body (a sort of earth suit or meat suit–that’s made up on 70-100 TRILLION cells), you really can speak to anything that’s going on in your body and recreate it! Your body is always listening to YOU!

The ocean is made up of millions of drops of water. Each drop of water contains the ocean within it.

If our physical senses had a different frequency range, we would SEE the infinite vibrations (energies and frequencies) and whir of interconnected fractals. I love sitting in wonderment of what different species see and hear… as some see much better at night than we do, and dogs hear and smell so much more than us too!

Observing your WORDS can lead to Awareness

Record yourself freely speaking for a few minutes and then watch it. What do you repeat often? There’s power in analyzing the words and phrases you say repeatedly.

I love focusing on the OM (as found in OMniscient, OMnipresence, and OMnipotent attributes of Source Creator God). OM is hidden in many everyday words like cOMe, hOMe, sOMe, wOMan, and tOMb. 

What words do you repeat often? What are your “go to” phrases to encourage yourself and others?

Many blessings to you in ALL ways. ❤️🦋🌀🎼〰️🙏☯️🌅💦🌱🌳🌴🌲

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A surreal vision: soul departure

Vision of a soul departing

At this time, I am ready to write about a nearly indescribable experience I had the morning after my dad passed away.

My dad passed away in his sleep the night of March 8th, 2019. The next morning when I got the call (from my son), my husband came home from work and we drove 2.5 hours to the property where my son and dad lived. My son, distraught from finding his papaw in that way, asked if my husband and I could stay the night, and of course, I had already decided we would (though we really had not had any presence of mind to take anything with us).

So, as the night wore on, I slept sporadically. At one point, I awoke and cried. As I was about to fall back asleep (about 5am), I had an incredible vision. I saw that my amazing father had been sleeping on the couch in his motorhome and about two feet of the wall, near the ceiling, had opened up and an immense golden light appeared. At the far edge of the golden light, similar to the golden sunlight the next photo captures, there was a distant outline of a city.

Photo credit: Long-time friend, Angela Brill
Golden sun. Photo credit: Angela Brill

Now, I’ve never been one to believe in heavenly streets paved with gold or anything, though the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies, and there’s that scene in it of the shimmering green city of Oz. So, perhaps that was coming through my subconscious. But, the next part is what totally blew my mind!

When that golden light appeared, it took my daddy’s soul, instantly, up and out of the motorhome (through that opening in the wall) and my dad had no choice in the matter. His eyes and mouth were open. His soul departed his body out through his eyes and mouth. My son confirmed to me that dad’s eyes and mouth were open when he found him.

In the vision I was given a knowing that when my dad’s soul departed, he did not have thoughts of missing anyone here, what things he had left to do, what else he had planned to do–Nothing. It was that quick. His soul just left. Poof!

I took a moment to write the following, right after the vision, so I wouldn’t forget it. And so I could tell of it later. This is what I jotted down on my iPhone:

Eternal Love

I know my dad loved me more than I could ever know. I have grieved his passing mostly because I thought he was doing well. He’d not been sick. He looked fine. Not overweight. No beer belly. No diabetes, or any other chronic illness that I knew of. In other words, older, but the picture of health.

And I grieved because I hadn’t seen him since Jan. 6th, when I had visited to commemorate what would have been mom and dad’s 59th wedding anniversary. We lost my mom 21 months prior to dad’s passing.

Dad had called me a few days before he passed and made an “appointment” with me (his word, not mine) to visit on March 18th. Often he’d tell me he knew I was “busy, busy, busy.” Ugh!

Papa had stopped by our place unannounced the week prior, but as fate would have it, my job had called me out of town on short notice, and neither my husband nor I were home when he’d stopped by (and he never just popped in). It was just all salt to open wounds of grief.

I have read that in India, when someone dies with their eyes and mouth open, that it indicates the person did good deeds in this life. Oh, yes! I know this was the case with my dad. Though he’d made his share of mistakes (haven’t we all? I know I sure have!), he learned from them and lived the rest of his days as a beacon of what loyalty and love means.

Forever Home – A Calling

I took this next picture in our home state of West Virginia. It’s of the last property my daddy bought, and of the tree stump where dad used to sit and gaze upon the hills. My son had smoothed the seat after dad had told him he loved the view from there.

Oh, I wonder what dad thought about while he sat there. I have at least one voicemail also, where he’d mentioned this was where he was sitting when he called.

I am now realizing the road of life can be rough. But, when we love, and we know our dear ones loved us, we can consciously choose to smooth it out and know we have nothing to fear beyond The Veil.

We Are All Connected.

Even when we choose, like I have, to take the long way home, it is said that we shall meet again. My soul finds rest and comfort in that knowing. [Insert BIG ❤️ here]!

Every morning I look into my eyes and I see you there. And when I miss you, I kiss the palm of my hand because your blood runs through my veins and connects us still.

Hugs and kisses, papa and mama. Until we meet again.

To everyone: Be a blessing. Much love to you in ALL ways. Amen and Namaste. OM

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