Grace is a Space


Grace is a Space.


Grace is the Space.

Grace is the Space that I give myself and my others when “in the moment” of fussy, grouchy, hormonal, hangry, or sad, we react snappy, or name it what you will, from an irritated, aggravated, or irrational place.

Now, when I notice the upset, I simply observe and give my loved one SPACE.

Breathe. Peace. Ignore or not add to their moment of upset by feeding it either positive or negative Energy.

I don’t have to correct anyone. Just breathe and observe. Witness.

Let them have the space to feel their feelings. Often, they will correct or adjust themselves given the space to do so. (And maybe not, but we all learn at differing rates of speed.)

I’m meditating and realizing the best I can do is forgive MYSELF for any time in my life where I have been snappy, fussy, grouchy, or short.

I don’t think I have ever been mean, maybe I have, or I’ve acted rudely or responded in some otherwise negative way (or way which could be perceived of as negative, for my own self preservation). But I didn’t intend to be. Perhaps I was protecting or affirming my boundaries. Or projecting from my Ego.

So with my hands together, I forgive myself.

Tapping on my K27 points and all along my collarbone I say, “I’m okay. It’s okay. It’s ALL okay.” And I taught our granddaughters this earlier tonight—they loved it and grasped it sooo quickly!! Oh! My heart!!

I bring my mind to a neutral point and breathe.

Allow a thought to drop in.

Recall others who gave me GRACE.

The others in my life who simply OBSERVED me. And let me BE.

For today, I am very grateful.

Yes, I am in the attitude of Gratitude for my husband, adult children, and granddaughters. And my eternal and ancestral family.

I am sooo grateful to have had the mom and dad I had.

Do you want to live in that place of gratitude every day?

Everything Resolves to Gratitude. Sheila Murrey

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