Integration Diet: The Sacred Science 7 Week Herbal Detox

The Sacred Science 7 Week Herbal Detox with KP Khalsa

I don’t normally celebrate Lent, but I happen to be on a 7-week herbal detox through The Sacred Science with KP Khalsa, and it has us eating bland for 7 weeks and taking different herbs each week to cleanse a specific body system. Thus, I have given up wine, chocolate, butter, cheese (all dairy), nuts, even the raw salads that I love!

7 Week Herbal Detox with KP Khalsa

For 7 weeks, I am only eating prescribed veggies (that change each week), without seasoning or salt, along with some grains and legumes (I chose basmati rice and lentils of the list of gluten-free grains and legumes the diet allows). It is strict, but I am feeling so much better! And I am learning a lot about these herbs, about which, “coincidentally,” I had been wanting to learn!

By eating blandly, the body’s digestive system can rest and focus on the healing and restorative properties of the herbs.

It is challenging my mind and body. Easing out old habits. And showing me another side of my Ego—that which is driven by my taste buds!

Cooked carrots, rutabaga, and artichoke on top of kitchari: basmati rice and lentils (no spices, no butter, no condiments)

If you are interested in learning more about this program or The Sacred Science, you can Connect with them here:

Also, be sure to watch The Trees movie on their site. I shared a link to it on my Facebook group too:

Be well, everyone.

Here’s an update I wrote 4 weeks into the program:


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