We can’t legislate morality!

Legislation or laws are simply the guardrails to attempt to CONTROL peoples actions. Period.

Intention and actions stem from a persons morality, from their heart and beliefs. Better to curb the things that influence those choices, like putting less violence in movies, TV, games, etc and horror and torture, etc.

REMEMBER: Cain killed Abel with a rock!!! 

I had riflery and archery classes in (gasp!) HIGH SCHOOL!!! And yes, we shot REAL rifles and aimed REAL arrows at targets! No one went on a rampage and killed other kids. Can you imagine having such classes in schools NOW??? I can’t either. Why?

When I was in high school, children were taught right from wrong and we had RESPECT for others, even when we disagreed. We fought on the playground, sure. Bullying occurred–I was bullied, even before kindergarten! But parents actually parented and most of us didn’t want to get sent to the school principal who would PADDLE US! Now, I don’t believe as much in the corporeal punishment or guiding children using fear, but I do believe in encouraging children to RESPECT their parents, and follow their loving HEART. So, let’s start there. Let’s start by teaching Meditation in schools, and respect for things that can kill us, like medications/drugs, cars/motorcycles, and weapons.

Why do we argue when what matters is that we simply… BE Jesus. Sheila Murrey

I do all I do, blog, write books, and all of that to empower people to change their HEARTS! Let’s BE more loving. Let’s BE more respectful. Let’s BE more sane. Let’s help others make changes that will allow their hearts to guide them so violence is not the end result. I want us all to vibrate at a higher level to argue and disagree LESS and be able to live in Peace.

Do I believe we can, YES! Will we? I’m not sure. I have hope! Yet, in the meantime, I prepare. Do I have all the answers, no.

One of my friends posted something on Facebook the other day that shook me. She was highlighting the need for MORE gun control and more rules, and more, blah blah blah… and I didn’t say anything or comment, but that’s opposite where my gut feeling goes on this issue. And perhaps she forgot that a past University president (where we both worked at the time) QUIT his job for the University to go to work for a gun manufacturer!!!

Guns in the right hands, trained and skilled hands, for example SAVE LIVES! I’d rather be on a ranch with Ted Nugent at the end times than sitting alone in a cave meditating, though don’t get me wrong, I reach for ENLIGHTENMENT and I love caves, but when the army of insane maniacs are coming over the hills to ravage and plunder, I want someone who can help me protect myself and my family right there beside me! And I’m okay if you think I’m wrong, or if you disagree. As my first and highest thoughts are of FREEDOM and CHOICE. (and by the way, fighting for FREEDOM has been the driving force behind ALL of our USA military since the beginning.)

If someone entered my home with willful intent to harm myself or my husband, yes, we have a gun, and I know how to use it. Do we need a semi-automatic gun? No, but I might be able to scare off and fend off a would be attacker if we did. Thus, I am not against those. Besides, the criminals have them. That cat has already been let out of the bag, so to speak.

Does it come down to whether you want a slow dying process or fast one? I don’t know. And how are we “programming” people?

I pray as if it’s ALL up to Omniscience–God’s timing and act as if it’s ALL up to ME (in particular for myself and those close to me, as I know I cannot and don’t want to CONTROL the world). If I am to “go out” that way (quickly with a gun), then I am ready for the Grand Beyond. Do I hope others are not “taken out” that way, yes. But I also don’t want to see others suffer and go to the Grand Beyond by the “slow death” of chronic illness either. And that’s why I do what I do.

My dad took me hunting with him when I was growing up, and we ate squirrel and venison, rabbit, and so forth. But gradually over the years, my dad gained more compassion for the animals and quit hunting, but that desire, not to hunt anymore, came out of his HEART. He grew his heart over the course of his life to BE more loving.

And as an aside here, I’d like to say that when the powers that be take pharmaceutical ads off TV, I might reconsider my stance on guns, but for now, all I can do is raise awareness that EVIL lies in humans’ hearts, and it’s impossible to legislate morality.


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