Omniscience sees ALL Timelines, Interactions, and Interweaving Lines

Observations based on AmyRose’s post I shared moments ago, co-mingled with thoughts leftover from an experience I had last night and observing my growth in the way I handled it.

Last night (a younger sister than me) called to tell (complain) about a man she had been seeing. She may have called me because I had met him one time a few weeks ago.

From my perspective, which is all we ever have (in this life) by which to view things, I felt she simply needed to talk.

My friend is dear to me. We can speak with each other about anything! We share lots of synchronicities so in no way is what I am about to say coming from a place of judgment—only observing and learning. Because of what I saw in one of AmyRose’s images this morning.

My friend, J, is an awake and aware woman and I no longer “fix” anyone. During our call she reiterated to me she doesn’t need saving, fixing, or polishing—good!

So mostly I simply listened. I held s-p-a-c-e for her to let her feelings out. I visualized a spiral. (Similar to one of AmyRose’s images—see her original post.)

After twenty minutes or so, I offered “it sounds like you are ready to do some cord cutting. Do you have a ritual or ceremony to do that?” She did.

But then she brought him up again.

Again I brought her back to herself and her enlightened knowing path. I agreed she had all she needed from her experience with him and could move on leaving “love and light” behind.

Again she brought up how he had behaved. Disrespect. Not taking her words she had offered him—they were supposed to be in partnership to build something yet he wanted everything his way. Not honoring perceived original commitments.

This went around several more times, while I envisioned the s-p-a-c-e-s between the spiral growing larger (a good sign to me her experience with the man was loosening its hold on her). Ever-widening. Offering EASE.

We ended the call, when I felt her energies had discharged.

I did a tea ceremony for my husband and I. He asked what that had been about. I simply replied, listening to a friend come to her own resolutions. Before I would have recounted at least some of the story. This time I did not. No more energy expended.

For once, I didn’t feel I took on my sisters’ issues or energy, as an empath I have for friends before.

The blue in AmyRose’s image – reminds me of a heart monitor rhythm

It’s best to be out of your head (at least a little bit) and into your heart a LOT using the spiral as a guide to sit in the feeling place so that you can experience the love and the sheer joy of these experiences. I did feel the GodBumps once during our call and I told J when that occurred if she wanted to know it was a confirmed Yes (to a point being said).

Faces top of image. Spirit always knows. Is always observing us! Photo Credit: AmyRose Photography

Align with your soul and then, blend. Every cell in your body will thank you. Yes, ALL 50 to 70 to 100 trillion cells, whatever’s in there. They’re dancing, and they’re thanking you for putting yourself with like-minded people in a situation where you can receive.

Be open to receiving many blessings and always is my prayer for you every moment. Spirit sees ALL timelines, interactions, and interweaving lines. We will know too when we are on the Other Side.

Omniscience knows ALL. Omniscience is always with you. You are never alone.