When was the last time you felt GREAT?

I woke up one morning with this question in my mind, “When was the last time I felt GREAT?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question???

Almost immediately after asking myself this question, I answered myself “When I was eating raw food”!

Thus, I looked up Dan McDonald, The Life Regenerator on my email (as I have followed him for YEARS, even though I’d quit eating 100% raw in 2008).

I bought an hour personal consult with Dan and his team was so responsive! Within a couple of days, I was on the phone with him and he was just as real (honest-to-God authentic and humble human being), as I’d always thought he might be (from feeling like I knew him from his MANY enlightening YouTube videos)!

I recorded the call on my laptop, so I could listen over and over to keep myself motivated and encouraged. (And yes, I have needed to listen to our conversation again after a couple of weeks.)

I’d received an email from Dan (before our call – from his mass email list) about eating nothing but citrus fruits! I’d never thought of that before, nor had I ever eating strictly one type of foods. Even when I was a raw vegan for one year, I’d eaten quite a variety of raw fruits and vegetables.

So, a couple of days before our phone consult, I began eating several varieties of citrus fruit, and drinking lemon and lime infused water. And by the time we talked, I was really ready to HEAR and embody Dan’s advice.

Grapefruit, orange, and Halos mandarins

I decided to commit to eating this way for the month of March 2022 or longer. I committed to being really AWARE of how I feel before, during, and after eating. I began taking it “one day at a time.” And so far, so good!

To date, I have released 10 pounds in 2 weeks and feel GREAT!

Now, the weight loss has subsided a bit and I have incorporated celery and avocados into my daily diet, for dinner. I had felt I just needed a bit more fiber and fat to help move stuff through my body. And a couple times I did have romaine lettuce, basmati rice and saag spinach paneer for dinner too.

For me, right now, this is of value. And I’ll continue to adjust daily as needed. But this way of eating has brought a lot of LIGHT into my body, as Dan said it would. And I feel it!

Update: I see the Ego in the salad (like Dan said too). And come on! Back to the citrus. Maybe fruitarian IS in my future. Hmmm

You might want to check out Dan’s videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/liferegenerator

If you can tune in for at least 20 minutes… I know a few people like Dan, and I can tell you, he speaks a LOT of wisdom here:

THIS gets very Spiritual! 😍💓

Happy Sheela Na Gig Day!

Ah, today! It’s Sheela Na Gig Day! Yes, a day that celebrates the Celtic icon/goddess, Sheela, statues of which can be found all over the UK, but mostly in Ireland.

There are various legends and stories surrounding the Sheela and what she represents, but one thing that intrigues me is the one about pregnant women. It is said that if a woman in labor focuses on a picture of a Sheela Na Gig her labor pains ease! Talk about the mind-body Connection!

I learned–of my namesake story–about the Sheela Na Gig, on our trip back to Newgrange for Winter Solstice 2019, from our beautiful bus driver Edel (link to her tours here).

Sheela Na Gig images on Pinterest

To celebrate, I shared a few posts from others on Facebook and created a Pinterest page of the various images shared there.

Here’s a link to one article I shared on Facebook.

How do you celebrate this iconic legend of the Sheela Na Gig?

Are you related to James Cole, of Cole’s Hill and Cole’s Tavern in Plymouth MA, USA?

What’s confusing about tracing one’s lineage and roots is that first, there are differing dates of birth and death, then there are tons of misspelled names (some we know may have wanted to spell their names differently), and then some family members named their children after older family members or cousins! It’s a tangled web we weave!

I’m still sorting this out and exploring various websites to determine correct names, spelling, dates, and locations. But here is a glimpse into what I started with.

The following is from my mom’s side of the family:

Oldest comment I found lists James Cole (Coale) b.1600 highgate london d.16

And shows he was not married to the Lobel woman but Mary Tibbes daughter of John Tibbes and Margaret Harris.

If you share an ancestor, reach out to me and we can compare notes. Comment below, or reach out to me via Facebook, Instagram, or email me at: sheila(dot)murrey(at)gmail.com

Sgt. Hugh Cole relationship to me through my dad’s side of the family.

The thing that’s seemed odd to me was that I started researching my mother’s side of the family and found that not only did her lineage trace back to James Cole but so did my father’s ancestry! Albeit through different people. Have many people had this experience when they trace their roots?

This is how I am related to James Cole of Plymouth Colony

My direct lineage is also written about on this wiki: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cole-18598

There’s more information about the James Cole lineage on this blog also: https://dbrousseau.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/92/

I can imagine what I’ll learn as I dig into my ancestry now that I am a confirmed member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

I honor ALL of my ancestors everyday. As it is because of them that I am here, enjoying this amazing journey called, LIFE!

I invite you to learn more about my specific mission to deliver wellness solutions to improve the overall well-being of my family, friends, and clients by clicking on the menu links at the top of this page.

Much love and many blessings in ALL ways.

In memory of my big-hearted, first cousin, Greg Wilson

This is the way I’ll remember my cousin, Greg Wilson – I’ll always love him for who he was and all the fun times we had with our family. I’ll miss him!

Greg and I – 2015
Greg and my dad

When I hear every John Prine song, every Styx song, every Grateful Dead, every Doors, every Maui Pranksters song, etc. etc. I will think of Greg.

Greg at my mom’s memorial service Aug 2017

When I see and wear Tie Dye shirts, and go to music festivals. Funny story (not so funny at the time), was years ago when Greg and I couldn’t find each other at Bonnaroo (Tennessee’s version of Woodstock)! More about that in a moment…

Early picture of Greg with his mom, dad, and older sister

When I see little ones together, especially family close in age, I’ll think of Greg. Here we are at our grandparents’ home for Christmas. I think it was our second Christmas:

Greg and Sheila Christmas ’63

When we were young, Greg would chase me around and pick on me. That’s just a kid thing. Especially for boys who were about the same age as the girls; and boys love to tease girls about crickets, crawdad’s, frogs, and stuff like that. You can probably see the orneriness of Greg in this pic:

Greg and Sheila mid-1960s

We had a great time though. Especially every Thanksgiving and Christmas, and many summers–though we didn’t go camping together very often. Greg’s mom and dad (my aunt and uncle) enjoyed camping a lot more than my parents did. So, I got to go more often with my aunt and uncle and Greg’s family, even than with my parents. And I am sure those experiences stuck with me when it came time (many, many years later) to live Off Grid.

Greg with his new gun and me (In those days you didn’t know you had a good pic til it was developed.)

Then there were the motorcycle years.

Greg and his Harley Sportster

I’ll never forget how happy Greg was to buy his first Harley, Sportster! My dad and I had taken a quick trip up from Florida and I got to see Greg when we stopped at my aunts house for a visit. My dad had several motorcycles over the course of my teenage years and later my son would get quite involved with cycles too. So, yeah, Greg and I had shared history with bikes.

Greg and I – late 80s (I cropped someone out of the pic)

When I see a guy on a Harley, wearing a headband and tie dye, I’ll think of my cuz.

Now, back to Bonnaroo: Greg and I knew each other were there (it was the 2nd year of that music festival) and they didn’t have enough cell towers to provide service to the THOUSANDS of people in attendance. Greg would send me a message and I wouldn’t receive it on my phone for 5 hours! And I would message back, same situation would occur. We couldn’t get over how huge that festival was! (And to think, it’s still going on strong!)

I’ll remember Greg’s laugh, his dimples, and his huge heart for giving and helping others. A kinder guy you’d never meet!

I’ll remember the time Greg called me while I was at work and I went outside in the parking garage to talk with him. (I live near that building now, and drive by it often.) Oh, sooo many things will remind me of Greg. Crystals, Fenton, camping, and family dinners.

More memories:

After Greg’s dad passed away (my uncle), I took a trip up to WV and wanted to go to my uncle’s grave site. Greg took me (and my then husband—who was actually jealous of Greg), to spend a few minutes at my uncles grave. (I couldn’t believe my ex was jealous of my cousin—WOW! And yes, his controlling was one reason I left him)!

Greg and I shared a wonderful few moments together at his dad’s grave site and Greg told me about his dad’s funeral (which, I’d missed the year before). Greg is now laid to rest in the same cemetery. (I’ll be sure to go on my next trip to my home state).

When we had my mom’s memorial service a few years ago, Greg held my hand through most of it. I will always remember that and his laugh, and his voice. His heart was so giving too! And as I sit and listen to favorite songs, so many memories come flooding back. He was the closest human being I had in my life to having a brother.

Greg and his wife, Susan, picked me up at the hotel and took me to church with them (where our uncle is pastor). I am sooo glad we shared that experience and sang some hymns together. It reminded me of the years we used to sing in church with our mothers and grandmother. Unfortunately, that visit in 2017 would be the last time I saw Greg in person.

Greg, his brother Josh, and me – Aug 2017 at Greg and Susan’s house

Our mothers were sisters and we were 6 months apart in age. Greg was younger. I never thought I’d be writing this or posting a memorial for Greg. It doesn’t seem right. But I send love and hugs to our family who are still with us. And I blow a kiss to Greg in the Grand Beyond and believe we’ll all see each other again one day.

I am so grateful Greg and I had one last talk about a month before he transitioned to the Other Side. Rest peacefully, and/or in JOY the party gratefully, cuz. Til we meet again.

Amen. Namaste. OM

What do YOU do when you get aggravated?

I can tell you what I used to do when I got aggravated. And how I have lightened up. But I am really interested to hear what YOU do when someone annoys you or something aggravates you.

When something or someone disturbs you, do you:

  • Rant (like I still do sometimes)?
  • Yell?
  • Grumble?
  • Confide in someone you trust—even if you know it may raise their blood pressure?
  • Throw things?
  • Punch a pillow?
  • Throw up your hands (or a particular finger)? I have learned NOT to do that while driving.

If I am working, I’ll get up and walk around the house. (Yes, I did that when we lived in our RV too.) Or I would go outside and walk or stand barefoot in the sand.

Do you shift you body in some way?

How do you release the excess Energy that becoming aggravated stirs up?

I used to cry, but I conquered that several years ago.

I invite you to comment or email me.

Oneness. It’s not just loving what we like.

On my quest to embrace Oneness (including what I don’t like, i.e. being scammed, hearing loud people or traffic noise, people who act like jerks and worse), I am conscious that when I feel “aggravation” that’s my initial sense that I may be about to react and judge someone or situation.

I do my best to pause, take a deep breath, acknowledge my feelings, and edit my response—but it’s all a work in progress. Sometimes the situation triggers old wounds and traumas and I just have to exit—sometimes abruptly.

And while I dislike labels, I am releasing and forgiving myself for the THOUGHT when I am tempted to label someone or something. I still observe the action. But allowing anything external to me to “steal my joy” may be something I will have to work on the rest of my life.

Can you relate?

Are we all a “work in progress”?

I am always attempting to do better. I see myself transforming—and pat myself on the back when I respond in the way my best and highest self would like. (A self love and approval kind of thing.)

I never used to be a symbol person

A couple years ago, especially after visiting Ireland, England, and Scotland (on our Sacred Celtic Journey with Patricia McGivern), I found myself using symbols daily in one way or another—mostly as my signature in social media comments.

My signature symbols ❤️🦋🌀〰️


Perhaps due to the spiral symbols of Knowth and Newgrange informed me sooo much (and reconnected me to the Reiki power symbol I use when sending love and healing vibes to someone (or myself). Or because of my natural spiral curly hair! Ha!


Spirals of Newgrange, Ireland.
Spiral at Faerie Glen, Scotland.
Triple spirals engraved into the interior rear stone of Newgrange chamber.

Some of you remember I treated myself to this energetic Celtic pendant that I have worn everyday since I bought it in Dublin, Ireland. That’s when we took our second trip to Ireland (a few months after the first trip), because I had won the Newgrange lottery to go into the chamber for Winter Solstice 2019—also, by the way, the last days the public has been allowed in the chamber!

Closeup of triple spiral pendant bought in Dublin, Ireland (Dec 2019).

Now, since I may never get back to Scotland again, I have Connected with a wonderful new friend who lives in Edinburgh Scotland and makes these beautiful pieces: Enya James.

Handmade neck torc by Enya James, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Closeup of spirals (on the back) of the torc I ordered from Enya (a birthday present to myself).

Enya, kind soul she is, also included a bracelet! you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook too!

Handmade Enya James spiral bracelet.
On the arm. Spiral bracelet. 🌀


Today, I was cleaning a PartyLite church I had bought from my daughter (back when she used to sell PartyLite stuff), and the thought hit me:

“I don’t even like most church buildings or temples, etc because WE humans ARE THE CHURCH!”

So, why don’t I just clean up this statue = graven image and give it away?


And I sat with this thought while I went back to work on some documentation.

A couple hours later, a thought (or Aha moment) dropped into my mind:

“Because it reminds me of my daughter, my past experiences while attending the church ⛪️ of my youth with my family, my grandfather and uncle building churches, AND the chapel at Rosslyn!”

I will let it go. And I will know the right time for me to do so. And I will gift it to someone with lots of love attached, instead of my current vibration of, “I don’t like church buildings.”

You may remember some of my previous church rants/posts like this one. Enough said about that.

I actually have more recent notes about stuff I just learned that also pisses me off about how some church buildings are built by the congregants financial contributions (and hands on TIME), but then when the building is SOLD, the head church or corporate church or whatever you want to call it, KEEPS ALL THE MONEY!!! Grrr. S

“Sheila, quit your bitching!”—is what I have to tell myself. All those contributions of money and time were given freely of the people as a tithe or service to God. But then what does the world church do with the money? Grrr! “Sheila, Let it Go.” ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

Front of PartLite church
Side of PartLite church
Back of PartLite church (where the tea-light candle goes).

It ALL belongs to God.


And Omniscience SEES ALL.

God will deal with the money grubbers.



Blessed BE.

It’s not up to me to resolve the injustices of the world. Hopefully, those churches will feed the hungry and clothe the naked. God knows they don’t want to house them (in their locked churches). ❤️🙏🤦

Perhaps the stones are more my “church” anyway? Stonehenge sure Connected me. Inner heaven to the peace on Earth (during my meditation there). And I am eternally grateful. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

Meditating inside the stone circle of Stonehenge. Photo credit: Patricia McGivern. 2019 https://www.patriciamcgivern.com/

What Love, Like, and Westworld have in common

I awoke from a dream.

My mother and I had been visiting. I had been talking with her and fitting her with a dress for some special occasion. My daughter/granddaughter was asleep in the next room.

At some point my mother’s acute hearing turned to the bedroom and she quickly made her way to the door, opened it, and caught my daughter/granddaughter quietly playing on the floor, next to the nightlight.

My daughter ran across the bed, to the adjacent bathroom, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs because mom was going to whip her.

From my now vantage point, it was terrorizing! I wanted to intervene, but I was frozen in stillness.

After I woke up, I had to analyze the dream, and write it down because in an instant I became the clockmaker. The clockmaker god of my own Westworld.

We can love someone, yet not like them.

We can love someone and not always like them. ❤️🦋🌀〰️


How is that possible?

Love is always unconditional if it’s truly love.

Liking someone, it seems to follow, is about Control.

In the case of my daughter, she had not went to sleep when my mother put her to bed. She disobeyed.

Mom’s need to control her led to a whipping which meant none of us would fall asleep naturally happy or at ease.

All my daughter had wanted was to listen to mom and I talk, and would have fallen asleep on the floor, not really hurting anything. However, my mom had a different expectation.

Thus, when my daughter didn’t adhere to my mother’s expectation, mom viewed it as disobedience and the thrashing ensued. Oh, my poor daughter! “Mom don’t”—I wanted to yell.

In the series, Westworld, Creator god makes each person with a bit of him in them, or in his image.

How are we making ourselves, and our children?

Why do we feel worthless?

Found this in my Notes and thought I’d share it. After all, it’s a new year. Plus, I read it whenever I sense that I am “out of the vortex.”


Say the following to get into the vortex (especially when feeling stupid, bad, flawed, or worthless):

And why do we feel worthless???

Why do we feel worthless?

We are still a work of art in progress!

I (or anyone whom I am talking with at a precise moment in time) might not be in their peak moment of happiness that day, but if I question myself or the other person differently (or ask again another day), I can bring myself/them around/persuade them — to elicit an answer.

We know art is imperfect and we find perfection in the imperfection.

At one previous moment I was unhappy with myself for my lack of discipline and my lack of applying myself. And I said:

Say the following to yourself

Inspired by Abraham-Hicks:

I can do better than I’ve been doing. I want to do better than I’ve been doing. I would say that for the majority of my life I’ve been doing the best I could do from where I was at the time.

All that’s happened to me lately is that I’ve gained some insight and I haven’t been able to change my habits to keep up with my new insights, so I’m being extra hard (or a little bit hard) on myself right now.

All that is happening now is, my resistance hasn’t gotten greater, but rather my awareness of what its like in the vortex has just gotten greater, so my resistance just feels worse. I’m not doing worse, I’m doing better.

I’m actually doing better than I’ve ever done before. No one has ever asked me, and I’m not asking it of myself, to figure it out all at once I realize life’s a journey.

I’m doing just fine. I’d like it to go faster though.

I would like to draw in the people, places, and things to make my life work better. I’d like to apply myself a little bit more deliberately.

I sense that I’ve been shooting myself in the foot because I’ve sort of been trying too hard. I get it now – that to take action and make something happen before I’ve gotten into a better feeling place is counter productive.

If I’ve been guilty of anything, I’ve been guilty of wanting too much! But I can’t ask for less than what I know I have come to be, or accomplish.
I have been wanting more than I have been in a vibrational place to allow. And now that I know how to shift my vibration I’ll do better. Yes!

I’m going to ease up on myself. Take it easy. Have some fun with this!

I’m going to be freer and easier about this. I’m not going to bad mouth myself or anyone. I’m going to give myself a break.

I’ve been working on this. I’ve been diligent. I am getting better. I know Source is within me. Source is as close to me as my breath. Source lives in me! I know Source is calling me. I feel the vibration of Source often — GodBumps!

I know I can do this. I’m looking forward to doing this. I’m going to get in the vortex on a regular basis. I like doing this. I like the idea of being in the vortex.

I can feel clarity flowing through. I’m far from being worthless, I’m actually very valuable to others.

I love being in the vortex!

What to do

Now write this again from the negative place of martyrdom, feeling the need to work hard, sacrifice for others or for old age, etc.

I judge and resent another because they have no work ethic, no sense of fair play, don’t follow the rules, and no team player! Why??

Because I was raised to play fair, nice, work hard and when I didn’t, when I slipped up, I got in trouble, didn’t get a raise, etc. in fact I am still pretty pissed off about it!!

I realize that I have been resentful of those lazy people because I was raised to work hard and achieve. Maybe not over achieve but the vibration is the same.

One example

In one particular situation (because we are observers, aren’t we), I had almost gotten over it (after watching someone get away with not showing up for work, being hours late, etc. for THREE years), I was sick one week and took a Monday off.

I had pushed my limits to work three 10 hour days, which meant I was at work til 4:30-5pm. On that Tuesday, I didn’t see that someone at all and I was at work til 5pm. Thursday, I saw that person come in at 4:30. Yet, I observed that individual put down 8 hours for each of the five days this week on their timecard!!!

The person came in only to attend the Tech Writer meeting, saw I wasn’t there, came back to get their notebook, and upon seeing me, asked if I was coming to the meeting! I snapped about being sick and said person walked away.

Less than five minutes later, my then boss, came to talk with me and I totally confronted her about it and explained that I had sent an email. I was not going to attend and No, means No.

After the meeting was over, the always late person was gone before 1pm and never came back.

I saw this happen again the week before I received my new AND BETTER job offer — and I didn’t allow it to bother me! It had bothered me long enough by then!

How long is enough?

Maybe that is really the question.

How long do we allow are observations to affect us in a negative way?

Five years later

Yes! Now, I will join. I will speak up.

I will share.

I show respect, love, kindness, and compassion to all — even the ones (whom some aspects of ME do not like, actually abhor).

Jesus said we are called to “love thine enemies.” For such a time as this. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

I know the road is narrow for those of us who strive to LOVE during all times.

Know that for every precious one of us who is striving to love, not condemn, not judge, it all matters. Each of us and each of the choices we make, indeed flow into the WHOLE.

We Are All Connected.

From Secrets to Pyramids

As long as there are secret societies (or events) like the Bohemian Grove, Jekyll Island, and Epstein Island (if you haven’t heard about this, you can go to YouTube or favorite search engine to learn about it), there will be elitist rulers over slaves. And if we are not allowed to be privy to this information, don’t kid yourself, we are slaves. We are Controlled. ❤️🦋🌀〰️🔥🙏☯️

I woke up today to read of the 17 day Bohemian Grove event, and my mind immediately drifted to the slaves who built the pyramids. (Pyramids in Egypt and in South America).

From Secrets to Pyramids ❤️🦋🌀☯️

Many of us (born after World War II), were raised with the saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” In regard to necessary National Security (which is the secrecy to protect our nation). Interesting how close the word, Security, is to the word, Secret. No?

As long as there are nations to protect, there will be borders to protect. Thus, national security issues.

Pyramid Schemes

Most people think pyramid schemes are Ponzi schemes.

The less knowledgeable accuse multi-level and network marketing companies of being pyramid schemes. They are not. They are one of the easiest ways for people with hardly any up front cash, to actually get rich—maybe not quickly, but nonetheless I have seen it happen.

What’s absurd is that these MLM and network marketing companies model their businesses after other companies who legally “get away with” fraud—yes, the fraud that most people think they’re guilty of committing!

However, I find it very interesting that there are many ways for governments (think lobbyists), and multinational corporations (think stock trading and currency exchanges), to behave in ways quite similar to pyramid and Ponzi schemes, yet no one is being prosecuted.

Banks and insurance companies seem to skip happily along, all the while, taking advantage of the “little guy.” Present day raping and pillaging.

Want a real shocker? Watch this: https://youtu.be/ghP7kImI9WM

Ancient Pyramids

A few years ago, I was told by two different friends to watch a documentary called, Pyramid Code. Here’s the extended trailer for that intriguing movie: https://youtu.be/04j7rksyRzQ

Even before I laid my hands on the neolithic stones at Knowth and Newgrange in Ireland, and Avebury in England, and dropped quickly into meditation seated near a bluestone inside the stone circle of Stonehenge, I believed “The Powers that Be” were holding things back from us. Concealing secrets that could shift our world view.

Knowth and Newgrange are now thought to be the oldest astronomically oriented structures known to exist, predating Stonehenge in England and the great pyramids of Egypt. But for whatever reasons, they haven’t been romanticized as much. Perhaps, there are political reasons.

I knew many years ago that secrets were kept from us. I just didn’t know how far down the rabbit hole I would have to go, or if I would want to know, how intricately Everything is Connected.

And I bet that I am only continuing to scratch the surface.

For some dance music and pyramid pictures, check out Yassine’s music mix video: https://youtu.be/vlCpLFemos0

Intrigued? We discuss these topics and more in my DE-programming groups: Integrated Spiral™.

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